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Microsoft announces global alliance with Melbourne IT recruitment startup Gooroo

- January 21, 2016 3 MIN READ

Microsoft has announced a global alliance with Melbourne recruitment startup Gooroo, which exclusively gives Microsoft’s Certified Professionals the benefit of using its innovative career planning tools.

Microsoft stated it believes Gooroo is a game changer in the job matching and career management tech sector and sees it as a valuable service that has the ability to transform the way opportunities are identified. The alliance will assist MCP in building their personal brands and help them to make important career choices.

“Millions of Microsoft professionals will get free access to our premium level tools, and will receive special recognition of their MCP and MVP status on the Gooroo platform,” says Gooroo CEO and founder Greg Muller.

“We see this partnership as a validation of what we already knew; that Gooroo is a unique and valuable service that changes the way we identify opportunities, build our personal brand and make important career choices.”

This is a big opportunity for the Melbourne startup, which two years ago was still a work in progress. In 2014 the startup raised AU$1.24 million in seed funding from investors around the UK, Singapore and Malaysia, which helped the team create Gooroo’s career management platform.

Muller came up with the idea for the platform after realising that recruiting technologists with the right skill sets and career aspirations is a challenge for many employers and recruiters, especially those who are not proficient in the skills they’re looking for. For instance, if a company wanted to build a particular software solution and needed to hire a developer with certain skill sets, unless the employer or recruiter has a good understanding of those skill sets, they wouldn’t know what type of questions to ask or what to look for.

The platform uses people analytics and a talent-company-role matching algorithm to match individuals with the right jobs. Their unique service looks to transform the way employers recruit technology talent and change the way technology professionals understand the industry and manage their careers. Gooroo is used by thousands of tech professionals worldwide and will now, thanks to the alliance with Microsoft be available for 12 months free of charge to the MCPs community, helping them build richer tech careers.

Gooroo’s technology collates roles, skills and experience from members along with live job data to evaluate movements in demand, salary ranges and skill trends for particular roles, skills and regions. The people analytics to find relationships between each movement were previously overlooked and have now become an important game changer in job matching and career management for the tech sector.

“Gooroo’s job matching capabilities are super impressive and will mean that our community will be well supported in how they identify the opportunities they want,” says Microsoft’s MCP/MCT Program Manager, Patrick Thomas.

“Gooroo’s analytics platform also helps our community make important decisions about the right career pathways and training for them based on their individual skills and ambitions.”

Gooroo’s big data and behavioural learning platform consolidates over 500,000 jobs each month across Australia, USA and UK. The platform already has 120 million tech professionals who post over 25 million jobs every year, which is expected to grow over 1,000 percent in 2016. Gooroo’s alliance with leading training providers from around the world will help to continue their growth progression by connecting MCPs with courses to progress their careers based on a personalised skills analysis.

“Our big data and artificial intelligence platform represents the future in how individuals will make decisions about what they want to do,” says Muller.

“We use the information we collect and analyse to help developers, engineers and analysts make informed decisions regarding their career direction, and then personalise their experience through a skills analysis to match them to courses and jobs that suit their skills, experiences and preferences. We’re unlocking potential and making the process more efficient for everyone.”

Since product conception and release Muller is thrilled with the community’s response to the platform, which has been instrumental in shaping Gooroo’s current service.

“Continual feedback is what’s going to make this product fundamental to lives of our members,” says Muller. “We’re really proud to be partnering with Microsoft and excited to be taking Gooroo to the global market.”  

Image: Gooroo Team. Source: Supplied