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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop leads the charge on selling Australian innovation to the world

- January 27, 2016 2 MIN READ

Fresh off launching a $28 million advertising package to sell to Australians the idea that we are an innovative nation, the Government is now looking to sell this idea to the world and encourage foreign investors to look to Australian innovation as the next frontier.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has led the charge, using her current tour of the United States to encourage Americans to learn more about and invest in Australian innovation.

In a speech to Fortune 500 company executives, US policy makers, academics, and economists at the first event of the G’Day USA program in New York, Bishop announced that Australia has a lot more to offer in terms of innovation, and that our talent pool of entrepreneurs is world class.

It was the perfect venue for the speech, with the G’Day USA program itself designed to promote Australia to America. The program offers our leaders the chance to boast the value to Australia’s creative industries to one of the world’s most powerful markets.

“We are unleashing the full potential of our entrepreneurs and our high value-added creative industries on to the global market,” said Bishop.

“This program is a celebration of the partnership between our countries and a showcase of the truly remarkable possibilities is that the partnership offers for the future. Australia is continuing to embrace innovation at the heart of our economic policies. Innovation is the watch world.”

Given it’s historically been Australian entrepreneurs learning about and visiting the United States, Bishop’s speech encouraging the US to look to Australian technology and innovation is a welcome switch.

Her focus on the local talent pool also highlights the importance of the $28 million advertising campaign. While the benefits of the campaign were questioned by many in the tech scene, who suggested that the money would be better spent on investing in startups, selling innovation to the everyday Australian is crucial in helping to grow the local talent pool.

Through it, the Government hopes to change the culture and conversation around technology and innovation in order to inspire individuals around the nation to build globally viable and scalable businesses that can challenge and disrupt the current leaders.

“There truly has never been a better time to be an innovative Australian business or to do business in Australia,” Bishop said.

Image: A G’Day USA event. Source: Julie Bishop.