Melbourne startup Beauro is the latest beauty app to instantly connect last minute customer with high-end beauty salons

- December 10, 2015 3 MIN READ

Booking appointments online allows customers to connect with services almost instantly. Beauty booking startups like Beauro are hoping to monetising on those people who book last minute, by offering an app that lets you search, book and pay right before you go.

Beauro is for the last minute woman who does everything spontaneously and that includes hair, nails and a quick lunch break massage. Booking last minute can be frustrating for retailers who need to find a space to squeeze in the client, and more so than not that client is left waiting whilst the retailer rushes to finish. The walk in and walk out mentality is compromised by busy venues and long waiting times.

“Every woman knows that making a beauty salon appointment, especially a last minute one, can be a frustrating task. If your regular salon or spa is booked out, you may find yourself scrolling through Google,” said founder of Beauro, Natalia Pchelina.

Launched in Melbourne three months ago, Beauro puts an end to that mad search, rush and dash to any old hair salon. Former University graduate in finance and marketing, Pchelina wanted to make a beauty directory service that focused on quality over quantity.

“We only feature vetted salons that provide services of outstanding quality and our booking strategy is completely automated and processed directly by the salon,” said Pchelina.

Beauro have sourced high-end boutiques in Melbourne that are based upon personal experiences and customer reviews. Users are able to filter salons by service, location and price and are given the option to browse all venues suited to their needs. The app offers a selection of services including haircut, blow dry, makeup, massage and many more. Users pay for their appointments through the app, making it a seamless experience for both the client and retailer.

Like many other booking services, Beauro takes a 10 percent commission fee for directing customers to the retailers. To create a point of difference from other directory services Pchelina wants to offer her users with a loyalty reward system that is based upon a buy 10 and get one free scheme.

However Beauro is not the first of it’s kind to compete in the marketplace, other booking directories like Glamazon and Vaniday offer clients with last minute booking options and VIP pricing. Both companies have created an app and a subscription service to keep customers coming back. Both have already expanded Australia wide.

Vaniday has shaken up the international booking platform and has already expanded in Brazil, UK, Italy, the UAE and now Australia. They have recently launched their service in Melbourne and have already made 500 connections to many beauty salons and spas.

Pchelina, however isn’t phased by the launch of Vaniday in Australia and knows that her home grown service is trusted by many customers around Melbourne’s CBD. Her service understands the Melbourne marketplace and she knows from first hand experiences what services are popular and what salons you wouldn’t even take your dog to.

“Being an Australian born and based company, we know the local market and the Australian consumer behaviour really well which also gives us an advantage over other players in the market,” said Pchelina.

Online booking services like Vaniday come to Australia to replicate their businesses and target the well known brands and chains in the industry. Vaniday has already competed in the global market and looks to grow in Melbourne to test the waters. They understand what works and what customers around the world look for in instant booking services, already receiving high accolades from the international beauty industry.

Pchelina believes that an Aussie startup can offer something different and recognises the opportunities that lay ahead in a space that is not yet crowded. Beauro prides itself by helping customers to discover small those intimate boutiques that do things a little bit differently and offer something a little bit quirky.

The beauty and wellness space is worth around $4 billion in Australia, so it’s no wonder why our ecosystem is a viable option for overseas ventures and startups. Pchelina recognises that this space is full of growth and has a vision to expand nationally within the coming months, aiming to have 10,000 app downloads within a year.

Image: Natalia Pchelina. Source: Supplied