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Women in business honoured at the Female Entrepreneur Awards

- November 27, 2015 3 MIN READ

Five business leaders were honoured at the Female Entrepreneur Awards last night, which celebrated and showcased some of the finest achievements of women in business this year. The night drew attention to the entrepreneurial success of women in Australia, supporting a community of innovators, disruptors and business owners.

The awards were hosted by the League of Extraordinary Women, an entrepreneurial network looking to inspire women around Australia to grow and achieve their dreams. The League provides a platform for women to learn, grow and transform ideas through collaborative events, online learning tools, business resources and support.

On the judging panel last night were leading entrepreneurs Janine Allis, Samantha Wills, Diana Williams, Jan Owen, Gen George, and Julie Stevanja. Five awards were given out on the night, recognising visionary leadership and success. 

Tammy May, MyBudget: Winner of Project Gen Z Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Tammy May is the founder and director of MyBudget. At only 22 years of age she started her company from the kitchen table, with big dreams in mind. Today, MyBudget has helped more than 45,000 Australians manage their finances, get out of debt and achieve financial goals they never thought were possible. Throughout the years May has grown her company strategically by measuring other markets, evaluating her clients and looking at opportunities of expansion. MyBudget has grown organically and May is determined to expand her business into the UK, US and New Zealand.
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Rosie Thomas, PROJECT ROCKIT: Winner of RMIT Female Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Launched in 2006 by sisters Rosie and Lucy Thomas, PROJECT ROCKIT is a movement against bullying, hate and prejudice. 10 years after school the girls decided to run workshops to tackle bullying and provide teenagers with social tools to prevent both cyber and face-to-face bullying. The organisation was Australia’s first innovative, online anti-bullying campaign, which rose out of a need to create social change. PROJECT ROCKIT has built spaces where leadership, creative expression and acceptance are available to all young people, regardless of their social label, grades, gender, sexuality or cultural background. In the next few years the sisters aim to take their movement national.

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Nikki Jurcutz & Rachael Waia, Hero HQ & Tiny Hearts First Aid: Winner of Samantha Wills Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Nikki Jurcutz and Racheal Waia are the directors of Tiny Hearts First Aid and are the youngest women in Australia to own a registered training organisation. Their first aid training equips and empowers people in the workforce with necessary skills that save lives. Their mission is to change the male dominated industry and develop the boring and mundane training courses into fun interactions and online systems. Each educator is a paramedic, and the women are looking to develop paediatric first aid to save the precious lives of little ones. They already have on board some big celebrities, including model Megan Gale and surfer Bethany Hamilton, who help spread the word.

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Kate McKibbin, Secret Bloggers’ Business & Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily: Winner of Green Telecom Female Tech Entrepreneur of the Year

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily was an online blog started seven years ago by Kate McKibbin. From years of working in the magazine industry, McKibbin saw her blog as a side project to educate women on where to shop. Now the blog has transformed into the destination for women’s fashion and lifestyle, with a six figure revenue and over 450,000 readers a month. Now McKibbin wants to show others how it’s done with her latest endeavour, Secret Bloggers Business. She wants to educate people on how to turn their blogging passion profitable and aims to help make 5,000 bloggers $5,000 a month by the end of next year.

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Dr Linda Worrall-Carter, Her Heart: Winner of We Love Numbers Casey Kinnaird Community Award

With a vision to eradicate heart disease around the world, Dr. Linda Worrall-Carter has combined together 15 years of research and years of nursing cardiac patients. She left her job as a nurse at St. Vincent’s Hospital to create Her Heart, the go-to place for Australian women to to access the latest research, clinical information and health advice around heart disease. Heart disease kills more women in Australia than all cancers combined, yet 80 percent of heart disease is preventable. Her Heart is an organisation that aims to promote community awareness and create social movement. Launched in June this year, Her Heart aim to reduce heart disease in women in Australia by 50 percent by 2025.

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Image: Award Winners, Source: Neiyo Sun from Neiyo Photography