Pixel Together is democratising the process of beautiful web design

- October 19, 2015 3 MIN READ

If Canva has democratised graphic design then Australian startup Pixel Together, founded by Daniel Billingham and Simon Moore, is well on the way to democratising web design. The platform is a visual web design and publishing tool created specifically for the needs of designing web pages. The tools allow users a lot of creative freedom and control over their designs, not just on the desktop but also on mobile and tablet devices. There is no coding required and it’s all drag and drop so it works a bit more like Photoshop.

“Basically our tool is about breaking down any technical barriers, so that’s why we have no coding required,” says Billingham. “That is also the same for when you actually want to publish. So within our platform, once you’re finished designing and laying out your page or site, you can quickly publish and it’s already hosted on the web. Users can link up their own custom domain name to it and essentially that’s it. Your site’s live.”

Users can then continue to edit and save new versions of their webpages as and when they need to. Already the company is getting many users from the local startup ecosystem – two great examples are drone startup Propellor and Blackbird Ventures. Technically the platform does not act as a content management system (CMS) but it does allow customers to manage content over multiple pages – one user currently using Pixel Together has a 150+ page website, for example.

Right now the platform is targeted at users that have a strong message or story they want to tell about their company; in other words, a more traditional website. It is not targeted at a company like Startup Daily that is forever updating content within its CMS. Having said that – and although it is not the message Pixel Together is pushing right now – the platform has the functionality and is capable of managing ecommerce sites, something the startup will push at a later date with its marketing.

Both Billingham and Moore have backgrounds in web design and have owned web development agencies for quite a long time. It was through seeing the frustrations designers had with traditional web design tools, as well as the inefficient hand over procedures from designer to client to the wider internal teams within those companies, that were the root cause for the pair to build and design Pixel Together. The company launched earlier this year and was part of the latest graduating Startmate intake.

Pixel Together makes its money via a three tier plan model –  a free plan, a $10 per month plan, and a $15 per month plan. The free plan allows users to create as many websites as they wish, including as many pages as they wish. There are no restrictions except for the fact that free users are only given a subdomain when publishing their site, something like yourstartup.pixeltogether.com. Once you switch to the paid plans though the $10 per month will get users a custom domain and a single page site where the $15 plan will get users a custom domain and a multi-page site. On top of both of these plans users can also connect their Google Analytics and favicons and have access to other reporting tools.

Right now the startup has just over 1,000 users and is tracking at a little over 100 signups per month, with no marketing activities or advertising – all organic growth. Around 30 percent of those users have published sites powered by Pixel Together.

Most startups would be actively seeking funding following the Startmate program; however at this point in time the Pixel Together team have decided to take a slightly different approach.

“I guess we’ve taken a little bit more bootstrapped approach,” says Billingham. “We like that approach as we’ve noticed that we were probably a little bit early in the piece user-wise for raising a round. So we are quite comfortable bootstrapping, making sure we know how all the levers work and getting the company in a much stronger position. In the near future we [may open] up a seed round but we’re not actively pursuing it right now.”

“We’re just really focused right now on getting the best product for our customers and we’ve got super happy customers so that’s been our total focus.” 

Featured image: Daniel Billingham and Simon Moore | Source: Provided.