Danny Burrito is the latest bespoke FoodTech service to hit the streets of Sydney

- October 27, 2015 2 MIN READ

FoodTech is a rising industry within Australia’s startup ecosystem, and the players within the space are doing a lot more than just making it more convenient to get food and beverage items from the kitchen to your door in a shorter space of time.

For the most part, it’s about being part of an experience and a particular community, especially when it comes to bespoke yet scalable services like the soon-to-launch Bondi-based startup Danny Burrito.

The startup is on-demand burritos that you can GPS track as they make their way from the kitchen to your door in 15 minutes, by bicycle.

Founded by James Jordan, one of the original team members at muru-D SportTech startup Disrupt, Danny Burrito utilises a network of ‘satellite kitchens’ across the Sydney CBD to freshly prepare orders, and then delivers them via a team of bicycle couriers who are tracked by users as they eagerly await their orders. The concept is that everything is wrapped and delivered within a 15 minute timeframe.

“The concept of bicycle delivery is an ancient one but when combined with some of the latest technology it all of a sudden becomes fresh again,” says Jordan. “I knew that if we built a better way to manage orders to match the speed of the couriers we would be able to deliver burritos hot, fresh and tracked to your door in 15 minutes. As it should be.”

When it launches on November 1st this year, Danny Burrito will have a limited delivery area that covers the CBD, Pyrmont, Ultimo, Surry Hills and Kings Cross areas.

DB Map

Current Delivery Area

The service will launch with four flavours to choose from; The Jerk Chicken, Bloody Mary Beef, Pork & Pickle and the BBQ Bean & Spud. As is common and expected with bespoke services, whether it be delivering clothing or food, Danny Burrito has launched with some really well thought out packaging that includes a uniquely designed burrito canister and labelling for each of the four flavours.

Currently in preparation before launch, Danny Burrito has launched a Pozible campaign in order to cover some of the upfront costs for the delivery side of the business like the bicycles and further development. Everything such as the website, the GPS tracking app and the custom packaging is ready to go. Jordan is looking to secure $10,000 from the campaign, which is currently sitting at just over $7,000 in pledges with three days left.