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Good Thnx wants to help Australians thank friends for good deeds by giving to charity for them

- September 3, 2015 2 MIN READ

Adelaide-based social enterprise Good Thnx has launched after a successful crowdfunding campaign saw it raise over $11,000 for its users to give to charity, and added 20 charities to its platform.

Founded by Ante Juricin and Shannon Poulton, the platform wants Australians to reward their friends and family for doing good things or doing a favour for them by ‘pre-donating’ a few dollars to a charity; the person being thanked is notified that someone has donated to them, and they can then decide which charity to send the money to. Users can donate as little as 10c.

Charity and giving apps have had varied success rates in the past, but if its crowdfunding campaign is anything to go by, Good Thnx could prove popular. It launched on Chuffed earlier this year, a crowdfunding platform for social causes, looking to raise $10,000 with which it would credit the accounts of its first 10,000 users $1 each.

Essentially, it’s taking something people are already doing and making it easier through an app: the idea of giving to charity in someone else’s name is growing in popularity. More people are eschewing gifts for wedding, birthdays, and other life events in favour of donations to charity, while the concept of thanking someone for doing something nice for you or doing you a favour by giving them a few dollars to donate to charity could also catch on.

Shannon Poulton, co-founder of Good Thnx, said over $15,000 has so far been donated to charities through the app.

“This simple idea of embracing the power of gratitude and appreciation is already proving to be a positive behavioural loop, encouraging more acts of kindness,” he said.

The app also includes a news feed-type page, allowing people to see what others are donating and why.



Good Thnx has an impressive team behind it, with Alan Noble, engineering director of Google Australia and New Zealand, Adam Ferrier, global chief strategy officer of Cummins&Partners, and David Paterson, chief innovation officer at World Vision Australia, on the Good Thnx advisory board.

The startup launched with founding charity partners BeyondBlue, RSPCA, St Vincent de Paul, World Vision Australia, and WWF Australia, and has since added another 20 charities to the platform. There are no direct costs for a charity to be listed, and the startup doesn’t take a cut of donations – the full amount of each donation passes through.

Good Thnx has formed a not-for-profit foundation to collect donations, but as the app can be adapted for other purposes, Poulton and Juricin will look to monetise by selling the technology to other businesses.

Good Thnx is one of a few social enterprises to launch this year. ThankBank, an app looking to incentivise people to donate blood by giving them access to discounts and freebies from partner brands, also raised $10,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to fund its development earlier this year.