Brisbane startup Fitmeet wants to help people find workout buddies and create a social media niche for fitness

- September 21, 2015 2 MIN READ

From platforms helping users find and book yoga classes to smart devices helping users track and analyse every jog they go on, there’s certainly no shortage of fitness startups out there. Now a Brisbane startup is launching to help fitness lovers find each other and work out together.

Currently, people who want to find work out buddies either try making friends in gym classes or use fitness-focused Facebook groups to find people who have the same interests and goals. Fitmeet is an app that wants to make that process easier, with founder Danni Whittaker, herself a keen bodybuilder, noticing a need for such an app through her own experiences.

“I noticed a lot of the girls that were new to weightlifting didn’t have any girlfriends who lifted weights as well, so I thought I could just probably connect them up using an app,” she said.

Fitmeet essentially works like other social meeting apps, just focused on the fitness niche. A user can create a profile with details such as age, fitness levels, goals, and interests. They then browse the profiles of others who are in close proximity and, if interested in connecting and meeting up, they can message through the app. Whittaker’s goal with Fitmeet is to create the largest social media platform for fitness in the world.

With a career in sales and no tech knowledge, Whittaker was unsure of the next step to take after coming up with her idea. She eventually approached one of her clients, a design and branding agency, to create Fitmeet’s branding and design a prototype of the app. She then went to Webhaus Australia to bring the app to life.

Whittaker has been self-funding the development of Fitmeet. It hasn’t always been the smoothest sailing – “there were a lot of 2 minute noodle nights” – but said she is in talks with a couple of potential investors who are interested in the idea.

When it comes to monetisation, Whittaker and the Webhaus team have a number of ideas in mind. Whittaker’s focus is on creating a community and providing users with services they actually want and need and, as such, potential monetisation opportunities revolve around that idea.

Targeted special offers created through the analysis of user data and use of beacon technology is one option. For example, Whittaker explained, a user could be walking down the street and, as they approach a Nutrition Warehouse store, receive a notification saying they can get a discount on their regular protein powder. A point and rewards system is another option, with points awarded for items bought through a targeted ad or other interactions conducted through the app, to be redeemed at particular vending machines.

Whittaker’s grand vision for Fitmeet is to create the biggest social network focused on fitness in the world. Given the enormous rise of fitness over the last few years, with more people becoming serious about exercise and healthy eating, there’s a lot of potential for Fitmeet to grow here. Have you ever noticed that people who are into fitness and going to the gym never stop talking about going to the gym? What’s more, they will spend big on fitness-related products, whether it’s gear or protein supplements.

There are no particular apps doing what Fitmeet is setting out to do; Fitness Singles, a dating and friend finding site focused on fitness, and the fitness tabs on Meetup.com might provide some competition, but an app focused solely on fitness could find itself leading the pack quite quickly. Fitmeet is set to launch worldwide in October.