Yahoo7 announces commercial launch of Tumblr in Australia and New Zealand

- August 21, 2015 2 MIN READ

David Karp, Tumblr’s Founder and CEO, is in Sydney for the first time for the commercial launch of Tumblr in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

Tumblr boasts more than 4.6 million users in Australia and over 750,000 in New Zealand. ANZ brands can now leverage the platform’s content creation (e.g. video, GIFs, images, audio, and more) and social sharing capabilities to help drive greater engagement with diverse audiences.

“Millions of Aussies have already made Tumblr their home – sharing their voice, exploring their identities, passions, and fandoms. I’m so excited to finally have a team on the ground to support this community and bring Australia’s biggest brands into the fold,” said Karp.

Ed Harrison, CEO of Yahoo7, said Yahoo7 is already one of the largest networks in Australia and that Tumblr will only strengthen this, offering advertisers “greater reach and access to younger, passionate, and engaged audiences.”

“Tumblr offers the best of two online worlds; combining the creative control of a traditional website with the active audience of a social platform. Tumblr’s users are actively seeking out content that inspires and entertains them, opening the doors for brands to be more creative and tell their story in new and more authentic ways.”

In 2013, Yahoo Inc acquired Tumblr for about $990 million, despite reports suggesting it was $1.1 billion. Regardless, the news of the acquisition sparked debate in the media, as the company was generating less than $15 million in annual revenue at the time. However, in October last year, Tumblr revealed that its traffic had grown by about a third to 400 million monthly users since its acquisition, and the numbers of blogs and posts have nearly doubled.

Today, Tumblr reaches an audience of more than 500 million worldwide and is home to over 250 million blogs. It also counts more than 118 blog posts.

Tumblr and Yahoo7 are inviting local brands and advertisers to the platform, with Woolworths, Telstra, Monash University and Studio Canal on board as launch partners.

Yahoo7 will also be launching its own brands on Tumblr this week, with Home & Away, Yahoo7 Entertainment, Dancing with the Stars and 7News Raw showcasing new and exclusive content via dedicated Tumblr profiles.

A dedicated team of local Tumblr specialists have been brought together and will be headquartered in Yahoo7’s Sydney office. They’ve been tasked with growing Tumblr’s capabilities across desktop and mobile, as well as increasing audience engagement.

Tumblr will also be focused on growing its base of content creators and curators who will be responsible for publishing more than 85 million pieces of content daily.