Vinomofo partners with PetRescue to launch Workplace Foster Care Program for homeless animals

- August 5, 2015 2 MIN READ

Studies in both America and Australia have found that pets in the workplace can have positive effects on companies, employees and pets themselves. According to PetNet, having furry friends in the workplace can lead to improved staff performance, lowered stress levels and decreased employee absenteeism. It also forces workers to take healthy and necessary breaks from their tasks – specifically, cuddle breaks.

Many companies around the world, including Google, Ben & Jerry’s and even Australia’s own Canva, are embracing the benefits of having pets in the workplace. Vinomofo, a Melbourne-headquartered online wine retailer that recently won the Online Retailer of the Year Award, is taking it one step further, having just announced its partnership with animal welfare charity PetRescue to launch the Workplace Foster Care Program. The program matches homeless dogs and cats with workplace foster families.

According to PetRescue, an alarming 56% of cats and 25% of dogs entering pounds are needlessly euthanised due to not having homes to be placed in. The Workplace Foster Care Program has been designed with the intention of boosting adoption rates by providing workplaces with the opportunity to help adopt a pet. Once a pet is fostered into a workplace, through personal contacts and social networks, staff can work together to help find their office pet a permanent home.

Vinomofo, a fast-growing company that has generated $35 million in revenue since 2011 and is no stranger to philanthropy having partnered with Uber last year to launch its ‘random acts of kindness project’, is excited to be involved in the foster care program. The team is already enjoying the canine companionship of office rescue-dog, Keita, and would like to see other Australian businesses follow suit.

Vinomofo’s co-founder and co-CEO, Andre Eikmeier said PetRescue aligns with the Vinomofo company’s ‘Do Good’ value. The same sentiment was communicated by Vickie Davy, Director of PetRescue, which supports more than 800 rescue groups, shelters and pounds nationwide.

“For us it wasn’t just about donating money to a charity, we wanted to support a cause that we believed in and that we could get heavily involved in. We found out about PetRescue and knew that it was the charity we wanted to support, how much more involved can you get than working alongside a canine friend in your office?” he said.

Davy praised Vinomofo’s company culture and said the company is the “perfect partner” to launch the program.

“Vinomofo has an awesome company culture and a strong social network of people who love what they do, so they were the perfect partner to launch the program. Our aim is to show the community how wonderful each foster pet is and to educate them about the positive impacts that the Workplace Foster Care Program can have for both pet and person,” said Davy.

Vinomofo will be tracking the journey of each foster pet they take through photos and updates across its social channels (@rehomeamofo).

More information on The Workplace Foster Care Program is available via www.petrescue.com.au.