Startup Weekend arrives at Central Coast

- August 31, 2015 2 MIN READ

Organisers are calling on Central Coast startup teams and aspiring entrepreneurs to attend the region’s first Startup Weekend in September.

The event, sponsored by Gosford City Council, is part of a wider push to get the Central Coast thinking more about tech and entrepreneurship, with the region now home to coworking spaces including the Nexus Smart Hub, Gosford Smart Hub, and SparkCC MakerSpace.

Carolen Barripp, one of the event organisers, said the event will be about more than competitions and building startups on-site.

“The underlying philosophy is that we can bring the community together and kick start an entrepreneurial ecosystem on the Coast for the next generation of businesses,” she said.

Fellow organiser Brian Hill, cofounder of Atlassian expert consulting firm Laughing Mind, wrote in a blog post about the event, “We want to help pivot the conversation from ‘job seeking’ in a market of limited opportunities to entrepreneurship as a viable, enjoyable pathway. We want to inspire unemployed youth to realise that starting a business can be exciting and rewarding and that they can be the future business owners on the Central Coast.”

“We know that there is stronger than ever support for starting your own business at a global scale, with fantastic resources from groups like Up Global and Techstars to help provide resources along the entrepreneurship journey and with their support, Startup Weekend Central Coast will be a catalyst to help support the Central Coast startup community.”

While the area, sandwiched between Sydney and Newcastle, is often overshadowed in terms of tech success by its neighbours both to the north and to the south, a number of successful startups have come out of Gosford.

HealthTech startup Doctus, which saves both patients and doctors time by allowing doctors to write scripts for medications online, was founded by Dr Rodney and Sarah Beckwith, a father and daughter team working out of the Reliance GP SuperClinic in Gosford.

Video marketing startup Busivid, now headquartered in Austin, Texas, was also founded on the Central Coast.

The winning startup team on the weekend will be treated to lunch and a consultation session with BlueChilli COO Tony Burrett, Joe Kiely, and a member of their startup advisory team, as well as a subscription to BlueChilli’s 99tolaunch startup course.

The Startup Weekend will be held across September 18-20 at the Gosford Smart Work Hub. Find more information here.