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TeleXHealth’s vital health data tracking platform named winner of Hack Ageing hackathon

- July 13, 2015 2 MIN READ

TeleXHealth has been named the winner of the Hack Ageing hackathon, an event held by IBM and HealthXL in Melbourne over the weekend to help tackle the key problems facing Australia’s ageing population.

The solution will see elderly people able to share their health information, like weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure, via an automated telephone service, with this information then recorded, analysed, and tracked on a digital platform which can be accessed by the patient and those responsible for their healthcare.

TeleXHealth believes this allows for the patient to have their health monitored from home, removing the need to make trips to the doctor or hospital for check ups.

The team will be working with the Northern Health hospital network to create a prototype of their solution, which will be trialled with patient groups. They will also be invited to present their solution at this September’s HealthXL Global Gathering in Munich.

Other category winners at the hackathon include Olive, a solution that monitors and tracks information about a vehicle and driver behaviour like speed, braking, and distance from other vehicles, to ensure the safety of elderly drivers, and Heston, an app allowing dieticians to create personalised meal plans to help solve the problem of malnutrition in elderly people.

Annette Hicks, IBM Australia and New Zealand health leader and a judge at the hackathon, said the event showed that the big issues facing aged care can be addressed by technology.

“The TeleXHealth solution will enable doctors, carers and families to monitor and analyse the health of elderly people in their home.  Reducing the need to visit their doctor or hospital for routine checks and managing patient care in an environment that they feel safe and relaxed in. Many of the innovations created over the weekend demonstrated how the digitisation of health is essential to delivering smart healthcare, improved patient care and better outcomes,” she said.

Andreas Limberopoulos, team leader of TeleXHealth, said talking with the elderly and aged care health experts during the hackathon provided the team with a great insight into the challenges faced by the elderly.

“We were able to design a solution that we know can be easily used by elderly people, yet provides their carer with the information they need to better manage their health remotely,” he said.

Image: TeleXHealth’s Bob Zhou, Lisa Corcoran, Andreas Limberopoulos, Rebecca Martin, and Tahir Tanveer. Source: Provided