We may finally be able to say goodbye to the selfie arm thanks to ExtraVerso

- July 8, 2015 2 MIN READ

Everyone makes fun of the selfie stick and it’s even been banned from a number of tourist sites, but the fact remains that most of us still love taking selfies – we just want to be able to take them without bringing too much attention to ourselves. Two Italian entrepreneurs have come up with another solution: the ExtraVerso phone cover, which uses an adhesive resin to help smartphones stick to flat surfaces.

Benedetto Levi and Flavio Nappi created a cover using a resin, which reproduces the effect of thousands of tiny suction cups, to get a phone to stick on non-porous surfaces like glass, mirrors, metal, marble, tiles, and whiteboards for several hours at a time. That means a phone won’t stick to your bag or pocket, and it won’t collect dust or lint.



Billed as the smartphone cover that “defeats gravity,” the ExtraVerso even goes beyond just simply replacing the selfie stick: you can stick on your window and take time-lapse photos, put it on your kitchen tiles to easily follow a recipe hands-free, or stick it on your car dashboard to use your phone as your GPS without needing to buy an apparatus for your window. And of course, you can stick it to your mirror or window to take selfies – no obvious selfie arm in sight.

The ExtraVerso comes in two parts: the cover you stick to the back of your phone, and a lateral bumper which offers your phone more protection.



Levi and Nappi developed the first ExtraVerso prototype in January last year, finalising the product in September. After more than a year of testing, they say that a cover will not lose suction.

The cover has launched on Indiegogo today, with Levi and Nappi looking to raise USD$20,000 in the next month to begin production in August and ship by September. They have already worked with brands including Uber and John Galliano to create customised versions of the cover, and are offering Indiegogo supporters fully customisable covers as a perk.

The cover is available for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6, and iPhone models from the iPhone 5 onwards.