Clippable is a platform that makes it easier for professionals to become thought leaders

- June 2, 2015 3 MIN READ

In the cut-throat world of consulting and professional services, it can be hard to stand out amongst the crowd, but being seen as a thought leader in your field is critical. Marketing yourself as well as trying to attend to clients can often leave a person consistently falling short, stuck in the rat race of just getting by, with no significant growth within their business.

Sydney based startup Clippablefounded by Schuman Zhang and Nikhil Sreedhar, is looking to change that with its recently launched content curation platform for finance professionals. Clippable acts as an automated marketing assistant that helps users aggregate and distribute content as well as capture leads off that content.

If you’re a financial planner, most of your day would likely be spent attending to your clients and you wouldn’t have a lot of time to come up with content ideas that could help market your firm or engage in new personal branding activities that would help build you up as a thought leader within your industry. This is where Clippable comes in.

The platform allows you to discover content and then layer your own commentary around it, adding value on top of that content in a very short amount of time. This can all be embedded into your own website, allowing you to build a sound content strategy and thought leadership profile off the back of industry news, opinion pieces and other types of content.

On top of that, Clippable also has lead capture tools such as surveys, polls and widgets that can be added onto content to drive sign-ups and leads for your business as well as get to know in greater detail who is engaging with you online. At the moment the startup is in closed BETA.

“We’ve been talking to a number of advisors and giving them demos and letting them use the system,” said Zhang. “At the moment the software has the core functionality of aggregating trending content. The content aggregates all the users’ preferences: say I want trending news on a particular topic, [all I need to do is] enter my parameters and preferences and the system looks for content that is trending around that topic.”

The algorithm running in the background of the Clippable platform searches for content that has the most social media shares, are being talked about the most online and is getting the most comments.

“The system looks for this trending content and then the user can add their own value using their own commentary on top of the content,” said Zhang. “[The user can then] distribute that content across all their channels including their social media and their own website. The purpose of our closed beta is to see what functions to build into the system over the next few months. We’ve got a lot of interesting feedback that people want such as newsletter functionality and different client engagement functions”.

It could be argued that this type of business would be suitable to much more than just the financial services industry. It is most likely that as the startup grows it will begin to expand across other industry verticals. However, the current focus on finance is extremely strategic considering both Zhang and Sreedhar work in the financial industry. They are also the cofounders of professional services matchmaking site Pro Advisorthe cofounders have been able to leverage their audience of finance experts in order to gain early traction with Clippable.

“When we spoke to advisors and people in our target market, they told us that they have big problems with things like content marketing, lead generation and getting their voices out there so they get qualified leads,” said Zhang. “So that’s the biggest question, how do I get qualified leads? And that’s the big question in the industry that is hardest to solve. That’s why we’ve decided to do something about it”.

When Clippable launches to the wider public, it will operate on a SaaS model that charges users a fixed monthly fee. While pricing has not been set in stone, Zhang has told Startup Daily that once a few more feature sets have been built out within the platform that it would most likely make sense for there to be a tiered subscription model.”

Both Zhang and Sreedhar are bootstrapping the startup and plan on continuing in this path for the time-being, though Zhang has said that once Clippable reaches a point where it is ready to scale, funding is something they will begin to look into as an option.

Featured image: Clippable cofounder Nikhil Sreedhar |  Source: Supplied.