Workible is leveraging near field communication technology to allow retailers to recruit in-store

- May 27, 2015 2 MIN READ

Jobs platform Workible has introduced a ‘tap and go’ feature enabling clients to recruit new employees in-store.

Leveraging near field communication (NFC), Workible allows brands to put tap and go-enabled signage around their stores, which job seekers can then tap with their smartphones to register for a job.

Alli Baker, co-founder of Workible, said the idea came simply from listening to clients.

“One of the things we always ask clients is who makes the best candidate and, overwhelmingly, we’re told that it’s people who are regular customers, because they love the brand,” Baker said.

“Then we ask if they’ve ever asked customers if they’d like to work for them, and the silence is deafening as the penny drops and they realise they’re missing out on a huge opportunity.”

Workible’s team works with each client to design an in-location recruitment system that works best for their store, though Baker said store signage is just the beginning. Clients are already interested in using the feature on clothing tags, bags, receipts, and menus.

This tap and go feature ties in with Workible’s focus on social recruitment. The startup unveiled its Talent Community Platform service earlier this year, which allows employers to create ‘communities’ of interested job seekers that they can keep in touch with through things like polls, videos, and other social media-type activities – thus measuring their brand engagement.

Once someone registers for a job with an employer through tap and go, they will enter into that employer’s talent pool, to be called on when a job arises.

“We have clients like Dymocks and Max Brenner looking at various ways they can promote their employment brand, because they realise that the more a candidate is a fan of the brand, the happier they are, the better employee they are, and the longer they’re likely to stay,” Baker said.

“Companies are realizing that becoming an employment brand of choice brings with it a lot of benefits, from increased sales results to reducing employee turnover.”

The tap and go feature is set to be rolled out across shopping centres over the next few months, with various major centre groups coming on board.