Startup Site Tour partners with TubeMogul to make billboard advertising more like online campaigns

- May 7, 2015 2 MIN READ

Sydney based startup Site Tour announced this week that is has just established a new partnership with TubeMogul (NASDAQ: TUBE) one of the world’s most prominent enterprise software companies for video advertising.

Site Tour, which raised $1 million in funding early last year, was founded in 2011 by former Eye Corp Sales Director, Michael Scruby. The startup offers an ad exchange platform for out-of-home media (also known as outdoor media) which includes everything from billboards, bus stop advertising and other digital assets seen by people outside of the online or television space. In the past, it has been referred to as the “eBay of advertising” because of the way it allows media buyers to search a vast range of outdoor-advertising spots and buy targeted inventory that correlates to the exact audience or demographic their clients are targeting.

The software enables out­-of­-home media owners and advertisers to trade faster and more efficiently than ever before using data-­driven insights and automated processing.

TubeMogul is the first video buy-side partner to integrate with Site Tour. The integration, which went live last month, means that TubeMogul’s software now has direct integration with Site Tour’s ad exchange; and this opens up premium video inventory for users. Users can target inventory via the format they need – for instance, by booking inventory on a digital billboard or a digital kiosk in a Westfield shopping centre – and the ads appear as 15-second videos.

Essentially, what this allows users to do is reach outdoor audiences in the same way they have been able to reach online audiences for years. In the same way that you can target a specific advertising pattern online – for example, only showing an advert between 3pm and 5pm on Wednesdays – in order to get a maximum return on your investment, the same can now be applied to digital billboard solutions. As Site Tour continues to expand its technological capabilities, advertising will become even more targeted. Imagine, for instance, 7/11 being able to tap into weather information and have their advertisements for Slurpees only run when the temperature in particular areas reach 30 degrees and above. That’s the kind of data-driven platform that changes the world of outdoor advertising.

Cadreon Australia, a marketing services company, is the first client to test the offering. Since Cadreon already centralises video ad buying through TubeMogul, the trading desk now holistically plans video across screens, with one set of reporting and insights to inform optimisation – all within a single, unified platform.

“Making digital out­of­home more automated and data­driven has been a priority at Cadreon, and we are excited we could contribute to making it a reality,” says Marc Lomas, Managing Director of Cadreon.

“This partnership is particularly exciting because we can now execute digital out­-of-­home buys alongside mobile and desktop video for the first time, delivering incremental audience using one platform for optimisation and reporting. Breakthroughs like this get us closer to a reality where all ads are bought through software.”

The TubeMogul and Site Tour integration has been in private beta for the last month. However, the full offering is being rolled out across the platform to other customers using TubeMogul in the coming weeks.

“Facilitating programmatic video buying of DOOH in partnership with TubeMogul is a very exciting step for Site Tour and the out-­of-­home industry,” says Scruby.

“It’s a win win – a new audience for video advertisers and a new revenue channel for out-­o-f­home media owners. The out-­of-­home sector is one of the only sectors showing continual growth, and the partnership between Site Tour and TubeMogul will only serve to strengthen it.”