Perth accelerator Amcom Upstart announces finalists who will receive $40,000, working space and mentorship

- May 19, 2015 3 MIN READ

Perth-based technology accelerator, Amcom Upstart, has whittled its list of over 70 applicants down to eight startups that will receive $40,000 in seed funding, working space at Spacecubed, and professional mentorship in a three-month program commencing on the 2nd of June.

The finalists of accelerator program, which was created in partnership with eGroup WA and Spacecubed, include Circadyn, Hydralert, Birds Eye View, GeoMoby, Snaptch, Australian Geotomography, Offpeak Games and Homecamp.

The ideas these companies have developed include monitoring and managing fatigue via data drawn from wearable technology; efficiency tools for managers; Virtual Reality gaming; and marketplaces connecting campers to land owners with spare outdoor space. These ideas show that Perth is shifting its focus towards the technology boom.

Out of over 70 applications from Australian and international startups, 12 were selected to pitch before an investment committee, which included Amcom Chairman Tony Grist and local Venture Capitalists Matt Macfarlane and Rob Newman.

Grist said, “The quantity and quality of applications received in response to the Amcom Upstart call out proved overwhelmingly that, not only is there a need for early stage funding in Perth, but that there is depth of innovative talent. The business community just needs to nurture and support that talent.”

“I’m tremendously excited by our winners. Any one of them can be a category killer and lift the profile of the Perth tech community nationally and internationally. In fact, most of them have the ingredients to be very significant businesses.”

eGroup WA Secretary and Amcom Upstart Program Director Robert Nathan added, “In a period of limited access to venture capital, this is a great sign for the future of the startup tech sector in WA and those looking for opportunities outside the mining industry.”

The following summarises the startups that were selected to partake in the accelerator program.

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Australian Geotomography was founded by Bryden Quirk, who spent five years developing and testing the “microscope in a needle” for which he won the Emerging Innovation Category at the 2014 WA Innovator of the Year awards. Bryden is now focussed on lowering the costs of exploration drilling by using very low cost commodity electronics made available due to the widespread adoption of mobile phones.

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Birds Eye View was founded by Damian Bramanis and is an application that shows managers everything happening in their team at-a-glance. This way they know exactly what their people are working on, and how they are going. Birds Eye View aims to replace a manager’s paper notebook, tracking tasks, priorities, challenges and achievements, and engaging with staff. 

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Circadyn was founded by Psychologist Felicity Millman and is solution for managing fatigue in the Transport Industry. Fatigue is a major cause of road fatalities in Australia. Circadyn uses information from wearable technology and smart-phone data to provide an alert and dashboard system to monitor fatigue in real-time to improve work and personal lives.


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GeoMoby was founded by Chris Baudia and Zac Durber and was recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative young tech companies by Tech23 in 2014. Its software allows businesses to take advantage of laser focused geo-targeted messaging, solving real world problems across several industries from increasing sales in Retail and Hospitality, to providing better safety in Mining and Construction, and increasing efficiencies in Banking and payment systems.

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Homecamp was founded by David Abitbol and Audrey Krukoff. It connects campers and landowners across Australia and helps people find desirable places to camp where regular campsites are not available. Homecamp was founded by David Abitbol and Audrey Krukoff after they spent a year traveling around Australia together.

Hydralert (no website), is a real-time, non-invasive, convenient, automated self-testing device for minimisation and control of heat stress. With global temperatures rising, the need for employers to control heat stress risks adversely effecting employees is emerging as a priority. The idea for Hydralert was conceived by Ryan Wynch, an occupational health specialist, while working in a remote mining and oil and gas site in far north Western Australia.

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Offpeak Games was founded by Liam Poli, Chris Parkin and Andrew Ravenscroft. The company is developing online multiplayer Virtual Reality combat games for Oculus Rift and other VR platforms. Oculus Rift was acquired by Facebook In 2014 and is due to release headsets to the retail market in the first quarter of 2016.

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Snaptch was founded by Tori Bowman who won the fashion category at the 2014 Australian Mobile & App Design Awards and was named one of the top five Female Australian App Developers in Marie Claire Australia in January 2015. Snaptch is a mobile portfolio app for models, designed to streamline the worldwide modelling industry’s shift into the digital space.

Featured image: Event crowd at Spacecubed.