HR startup Weirdly is helping companies find their perfect “weirdos”

- May 21, 2015 3 MIN READ

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, HR startup Weirdly is tackling one of the biggest recruitment challenges that exists today: company culture fit.

The startup was founded by Dale Clareburt, Simon Martin, Keren Phillips and Hayden Raw, who have over 20 years of experience in recruitment and human resources combined.

Together, they’ve created proprietary technology that helps companies recruit people into an organisation based on how likely they are to love a business, how in-line they are with a company’s core values as well as how likely they are to find their future work fulfilling. Everything is based around the creation of a totally customisable quiz. When job applicants apply for a role on a job search platform or directly with a company, they are presented with a quiz as part of the application process. Weirdly then filters and manages all applicants via a client dashboard. The candidates that align with a company’s values and culture automatically appear at the top of the list, saving recruiters and line managers time and energy sifting through endless CVs and conducting interview after interview.

“We assist in that step based on what you as a company are looking for. So you determine what attributes, character and personalities you’re looking for and then Weirdly’s algorithm uses those as a baseline upon which it measures everyone else,” said Phillips.

The platform takes the attributes that users outline and build into quiz questions, then measures how well candidates are at displaying those attributes in their answers to the questions. Ultimately, it gives the user numerical insights as to whether someone fits into their business. For example, it would say something like ‘X fits into your business 20% and Y fits into your business 87%’.

Although Weirdly is focused on growing via sales, the team did take on some seed funding invested by the Punakaiki Fund, a firm that invests in early stage New Zealand startups, to help them move from having a beta product into creating a fully formed and scalable piece of software. Although it is not immediately on the cards, Phillips told Startup Daily that at some point in the future a Series A round may be pursued as they begin to focus on the next wave of scaling the company.

Weirdly has had a global focus from day one and has managed to attract clients not just locally in New Zealand but across Australia, the United States and Europe, a lot of this expansion has been the result of getting in front of the New Zealand branches of international companies. Brands like Xero, Jucy Rentals, Vend, Allianz and Spark (NZ Telco) are all using the platform now as part of their recruitment processes.

There are two revenue models in the way Weirdly is structured. The first is targeted at bigger enterprise level companies that have robust recruitment processes in place.

“They have people driving those systems who are very very good at what they do, so they’re working with in house or external recruiters, so they really know what they’re doing right,” said Phillips. “The way that we work with them is by a plugging into their existing processes and helping them filter the applicants that they have coming into jobs against cultural measures. They all have systems that are really good for filtering people against hard skill measures, like when you went to university and what job you did last time and all of those kind of metrics.”

What Weirdly gives those clients is the components that are cultural fitters. At the other end of the scale, the platform also provides a self-service product for people to buy off the shelf via subscription in the same way that you would any other SaaS product like Xero. This product lets users set up the quiz themselves and integrate with their own platforms including job boards and social media pages.

“The whole premise is around helping these smaller sized operations, who are time poor and often not as experienced in recruitment build a better quality candidate shortlist faster,” said Phillips.