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Bigcommerce launches enterprise-grade platform for high-volume retailers

- May 13, 2015 2 MIN READ

Australian ecommerce startup Bigcommerce is moving into the enterprise space with the launch of a new platform aimed at high-volume retailers processing millions of dollars in payments.

The platform, called Enterprise, includes performance optimisation, heightened security, and enterprise-grade integrations that will remove the need for on-premise solutions and IT resources.

Enterprise also has a focus on data: retailers will have access to an analytics dashboard that will allow them to evaluate customer purchasing behaviours, marketing campaign performance, and optimise inventory and merchandising.

Bigcommerce has also created an ‘Insights optimisation engine,’ a suite of actionable data and insights. The suite includes reporting capabilities that will allow retailers to run loyalty programs by identifying high-value and at-risk customers, identify underperforming products, and drive repeat purchases through purchase funnel analysis.

With over 85,000 clients primarily in the SMB space, Enterprise will allow Bigcommerce to enter a new, wider market. The platform was rolled out to a number of select clients last year, with Samsung and Marvel among the brands already using the new platform.

Eddie Machaalani, co-founder and CEO of Bigcommerce, said that with technical barriers to selling online reduced, brands are questioning the idea that growth has to be difficult to manage.

“Our enterprise platform delivers the functionality and scalability merchants need to compete in the big leagues, while avoiding the waste associated with managing an overly-complex, on-premise, or proprietary solution,” Machalaani said.

The launch of the new platform doesn’t mean Bigcommerce is forgetting SMBs, however – it comes just weeks after Bigcommerce acquired Zing, a Texas-based startup providing mobile retail technologies.

The deal, Bigcommerce’s first acquisition, will allow the company to make a range of APIs and technologies available to its point of sale partners, enabling the development of omni-channel solutions for retailers.

With 30 percent of Bigcommerce’s online retail clients also operating one or more bricks and mortar stores, possible solutions include real-time syncing of inventory between online and bricks and mortar stores, in-store pickup, order management, and integrated customer data and reporting.