Workible introduces new features to help employers find engaged candidates faster

- April 8, 2015 2 MIN READ

With the job search market becoming increasingly crowded, Australian jobs platform Workible is looking to distinguish itself from the others by focusing on social recruitment and brand engagement.

The startup has introduced a range of new features, including a Talent Community Platform which allows employers to create ‘communities’ of interested candidates they can then call on when a position becomes available. Employers can engage with candidates through things like video and polls, and then measure each candidate’s engagement with the business and brand.

The platform has also partnered with recruitment firm Chandler McLeod to help businesses hire temps on short notice. The new Temps on Tap and Brekky Temps features allow businesses to call in temps who are on standby every morning. Employers will also have access to things like background checking, assessments and testing, payroll services, and training.

Alli Baker, co-founder of Workible, said that social recruitment results in finding better people faster.

“We have some brands with over 12,000 people in their Talent Community and they find that not only are they building candidate engagement with their company but that, more importantly, identifying brand fans means that they’re getting a better quality of candidate, and they can find them as soon as a job pops up,” she said.

Since its pivot – or ‘pirouette’, as the founders like to put it – from job search board HireMeUp to Workible two years ago, the startup has aimed to make hiring as quick and easy as possible. At the time, this meant focusing on mobile-first development, with the startup noticing that the service industries using the platform were working on mobile because they needed to find workers quickly on the go. The new Talent Community and temp features take this vision further by allowing employers to have suitable candidates on hand ready to come in.

Workible is also looking to help job seekers by giving them personalised feedback on job applications, explaining why they didn’t get a job and what they can do to improve their chances next time.

“We knew that candidates get frustrated with the job seeking process and a survey we did late last year overwhelmingly confirmed it. Job seekers told us that they were fed up with never hearing back from their job applications through any platform so we did something about it,” Baker said.

Baker explains that Workible aims to make both sides of the job search process as easy as possible by investing in its tech and, specifically, algorithms.

“With all that data out there, there shouldn’t be a need to post a job to the universe and pray for a decent result. We collect data at every point of interaction with the platform, and that allows us to give our users a customised experience.”