The Unstoppables are taking entrepreneurs to the Amazon in 2016

- April 13, 2015 2 MIN READ

In what was one of the craziest Australian Business initiatives to take place in 2015, the Unstoppables club, created by Chad Zani, Priscila Duarte and Julio De Laffitte, gave 106 Australian entrepreneurs the trip of a lifetime and undoubtedly created one of the most unique entrepreneurial think tanks in the process as they embarked on a trip to Antarctica.

The event was nick named “Fire on Ice” and took 106 Australian entrepreneurs across the majestic continent where they built a strong network of high quality contacts, workshopped their ideas whilst in the process also becoming more self aware and planet aware.

Laffitte has stated previously that they are not a “greenie” group, but does feel it is important that entrepreneurs are aware of the footprint their business may cause to the environment.  Zani and Laffitte both told Startup Daily previously that the purpose of the trip was that all attendees come home invigorated with new ideas and connections that can take them to the next level.


On the ice in Antarctica this January

The price tag also said a lot about the calibre of attendees they were trying to attract to the event – reality is if an entrepreneur can drop a lazy $20K, they are good at what they do and would be fairly well connected.

The founders claimed they put in around $1.2 million of their own money into the trip – the aim was to recoup that through ticket sales. Given today, the Unstoppables has just announced its intended 2016 voyage, obviously the trip made some money or at the very least broke even. In a statement sent out today, the company said the 2015 trip was a huge success, communicating that more than $1 million was invested in companies, almost 50 new businesses were formed and $12 million was offered in sponsorship, just to name a few achievements that came out of the Antarctica experience.

In 2016 the Unstoppables will be taking people to the Amazon, giving members another unique entrepreneurial think tank experience in one of the world’s most mysterious and most extreme jungles. In addition to living it up with pythons, pirhanas and macaws, the backend of the ten-day trip will also include an afterparty in Rio at the iconic Carnivale.

Again the price tag is set at around the $21,000 mark, however there are payment plans and even finance available for this trip. Current Unstoppable club members also get a discount bringing the price tag to around $17,000 but that is for those who took part in the Antartica trip.

A flyer on Amazon 2016, along with the itinerary and an application form to become Unstoppable, can be accessed here. A $1,200 deposit will secure your place as numbers are limited.