Personable.io analyses user habits and automatically sends personalised product recommendations

- April 24, 2015 3 MIN READ

You might be familiar with this scenario: you visit a company’s website, and its ads follow you across the web, popping up in completely different contexts. Many of us are becoming comfortable with the idea that our online activities leave a massive data trail with companies, who then use that data to deliver targeted advertising. Our movements may be recorded, but it also means we only have to be exposed to advertising that is, for the most part, relevant to our interests. On the other end of the spectrum, the wealth of consumer data now available allows companies to interact with customers and prospects in a targeted way that maximises click-through and conversion rates.

Although many companies use Google or Facebook to deliver targeted advertising or marketing material, a new startup based out of Israel has come up with a technology solution that allows companies to monitor their own users’ behaviour and deliver personalised product recommendations inside their own website or application.

Founded by Ohad Frankfurt (CEO), Oz Katz (CTO), Shlomi Babluki (Chief Scientist) and Lior Degani (VP Business Development), personable.io provides companies with the power to send their users automated personalised notifications of products, based on their past behaviour. On the personable.io dashboard, companies can decide what triggers they want to activate – e.g. new products, trending products, promotions, etc. – and which users will be receiving those messages. Many companies have already incorporated such functionalities by creating their own algorithm, but others don’t have the skills or cannot afford to create or manage such a feature.

The company also has a content recommendations platform, Swayy, which sends a personalised email every morning with content tailored to each and every user.

“We found out that with personalised recommendations people are much more likely to get back on the app and CTR was incredible,” said Degani. “But for platforms such as ticketing services, marketplaces, and many others, there is no way to send the user just the content for him, at the right moment.”

Degani acknowledged that there are many analytics and messaging platforms like such Intercom and Customer.io which help companies retain users through messaging. Where Personable.io differs is in its ability to monitor content/products a company is offering as well as its users’ activity, allowing companies to send personalised recommendations.

Personable.io is currently in its closed beta stage, but the founders are looking to implement a multi-tiered monthly subscription model for Personable.io’s suite of products.

The startup has raised a total of $530,000 from private investors as well as VC firms like Star Farm Ventures, RSL Venture Partners, and Elevator Fund. Degani said they’re “lucky to have amazing investors” following and supporting them throughout their startup journey.

Although Degani wasn’t specific, he said that the startup is working with a wide range of partners in several markets and industries to build a compelling product and value proposition.

“We believe, in this amazing world of products and services, users are sometimes overwhelmed with content, and it’s difficult for them to find just the right products they’ll be interested in consuming. We want to build the best platform for our partners, to eventually improve each and every app, for a better user experience,” said Degani.

When it comes to challenges, Degani admitted that being a startup is just one big challenge. He believes it’s important to identify “what noises to ignore” and “when to accept feedback”. That said, he’s proud of the team that’s come together to tackle challenges.

“At the end of the day it’s the people who make a company, a product. It’s a pleasure coming to work, and learn from your co-workers which makes you better every day,” said Degani.