Collaboration between startups Relayr and Insulin Angel may prove to be life-saving for Diabetics

- April 17, 2015 2 MIN READ

This year’s CODE_n contest paved way for the promising collaboration between 2015 competition winner Relayr (Germany) and finalist Insulin Angel (England). With the current year’s theme being “Into the Internet of Things”, Relayr’s ‘Wunderbar’ innovation is quirky technology come true. Shaped like a chocolate bar, this piece of wireless IoT prototyping kit is help tackling the not-so-sweet problem of Diabetes, which is said to have costed the US a total of $245 billion.

Relayr’s technology will assist in monitoring data trends for Insulin Angel’s first commercial product; a device that can track Diabetic medication by ensuring it is always at the right temperature and in close proximity. Their prototype product is currently being crowdfunded by Indiegogo as they hope to get this product out onto the market quickly. The startup is looking to raise $55,000.

Amin Zayani is the co-founder of Insulin Angel and as a Type 1 Diabetic, he says: “There is so much uncertainty and misunderstanding when it comes to diabetes. We created Insulin Angel because there was nothing out there that works in quite the same way, and we hope that, thanks to Indiegogo, we will be able to reduce some of the anxiety that surrounds the condition.”

Claimed to be the world’s smartest medication tracker, Insulin Angel is both a temperature and proximity device that connects to user’s smartphones. Not only will they have updates on whether the medication is at a critical temperature, it minimises the risk of users losing or forgetting their medication. This is done by utilising Relayr’s ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) tools, such as their Open Sensor Cloud and Software Development Kit. It can store and analyse data which they can track using Relayr’s platform on Insulin Angel’s device and mobile app.

The Wunderbar Kit has helped significantly reduced hardware development time for the Insulin Angel’s team. The entire process of prototyping, development and launch of their IoT device and app was completed in mere weeks rather than months.

Paul Hopton, chief engineer and co-founder at Relayr understands the importance of bringing tech solutions quickly to the market, “We’re really excited to see Insulin Angel finally going on Indiegogo. This is exactly why we built the WunderBar and our platform – to enable businesses, from enterprises to startups, and the people behind them to start realising their visions. As a bunch of startup guys ourselves, we know how important it is to get your product to market as easily as possible and start testing the market. We think that Insulin Angel will be the first of many.”


Relayr ‘WunderBar’

Insulin, Device and App

Insulin Angel, device and smartphone app

So how does it work?

The Insulin Angel’s device has the same Nordic Semiconductors chip integrated as the Relayr WunderBar’s temperature sensor module. This chip sends data to the relayr Open Sensor Cloud, allowing Insulin Angel users to access real time information on their downloaded mobile app. The user then receives alerts concerning their medication when it is either out of range or when the temperature is at a level where it could spoil, a condition which can prove to be lethal to the user. Carers can also use this information to remotely track the condition of their patient’s medication.

As Insulin Angel launches on Indiegogo, Zayani doesn’t want to limit the product to individual users but to also spread awareness to institutions in the community. He says, “Backers also have the option to nominate a school, hospital, community or charity to donate units to, which hopefully opens this project out to anyone and everyone who would benefit from this technology.”

Featured Image: Relayr team.