Cloud accounting software provider Saasu announces partnership with Westpac

- April 30, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Cloud accounting software provider Saasu has today announced a partnership with Westpac, with the company becoming Westpac’s online accounting engine.

Marc Lehmann, CEO of Saasu, described the partnership as “the start of an exciting convergence of banking and accounting technologies.”

“We love being the innovator in our industry and we are excited to be partnering with Westpac to build out the vision. It’s all about the customer and freeing up their time to work on areas of the business that matter the most to them,” Lehmann said.

The partnership will see the exclusive integration of Westpac’s banking feeds into Saasu’s software, eliminating the need for manual processing.

Westpac’s relationship with St George means the features of the partnership are also available to St George customers.

The connection will give clients access to real-time cash flow insight with online invoicing, expenses, banking, budgets, payroll, inventory, and financial reports, the ability to predict future cash flow, and automated bank reconciliations.

Kalpana Gee, Westpac’s head of business digital, said the deal is part of Westpac’s commitment to helping its customers’ businesses thrive.

“A big part of that involves supporting them with the right tools that they need to succeed. By making it easy to combine banking data with the business tools available in Saasu accounting software, we save our business customers time and give them greater confidence to make informed decisions,” Gee said.

Westpac is offering its customers up to 75 percent off on Saasu’s software, while its business bankers and financial advisors will also be available to provide clients with assistance as they begin to use it.

Saasu, founded in 2000, is a competitor of New Zealand-based Xero. The company opened offices in Melbourne and London in 2012, and launched partnerships with PayPal and OzForex last year.