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Will Australia's tech talent pack their bags and fly over to Wellington?

- March 16, 2015 2 MIN READ
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For some time, Australian entrepreneurs have been pushing for government to amend immigration laws so that local startups can source and leverage tech talent from across the globe. At the same time, New Zealand’s capital Wellington is eyeing Australia’s tech talent to grow the city’s ICT and creative sectors. Will this sit well with Australia’s entrepreneurial patriots?

Wellington City Council launched its Wellington Works digital campaign last week to encourage Australian developers, analysts, strategists and UX designers to relocate to Wellington, the home of scaling companies like Vend and Xero. 

The new talent attraction campaign, designed by Wellington-based creative agency Touchcast, highlights Wellington’s culture, balanced lifestyle and collaborative community, while also showcasing global opportunities through the desks of Xero Strategic Programme Manager Erin Connolly, Carnival Mobile iOS Developer Sam Jarman and Zing Designs owner Zheng Li.

The Wellington Works campaign is part of Wellington City Council’s Destination Wellington programme, and coincides with Grow Wellington’s attendance at the NZ Jobs Expo in Melbourne on the 18th and 19th of April.

“Wellington Works is designed to highlight the professional opportunities and lifestyle advantages through talented people who work in some of our most exciting companies,” said Positively Wellington Tourism’s CEO David Perks.

“Targeted banner and social media advertising will drive viewers to an interactive page telling an authentic story of why Wellington works for each desk’s owner. It’s about bringing real stories to like-minded Australians looking for their next career or life move.”

Chair of the Wellington City Council Economic Development & Arts Committee, Councillor Jo Coughlan said there’s huge demand for tech talent in Wellington at the moment. Over 330 IT jobs are being advertised on Trade Me, 63 percent of which fall into annual salary bands of over $100,000.

Councillor Coughlan added that Wellington needs to be bold in its approach to attracting tech talent and boosting the city’s knowledge economy, an approach that’s been demanded from the Australian government.

“Wellington is one of the most affordable cities to live in in Australasia, with one of the most exciting tech sectors in the world. We offer global opportunities, without compromising on quality lifestyle – the Destination Wellington programme is about telling that story,” said Councillor Coughlan.

Grow Wellington’s CEO Gerard Quinn said the digital campaign is another way of raising awareness among New Zealand expats and Australians considering a career move.

“This will reinforce our team’s efforts on the ground at the Jobs Expo to encourage talented people to choose Wellington,” said Quinn.

Australians have made over 12,000 visits to the Work section of WellingtonNZ.com since it was re-launched in May last year, according to Perks, and the Wellington Works campaign aims to double that and more by the end of April.

General Manager of Touchcast said the campaign addresses a challenge the agency is very familiar with.

“A growing pool of digital talent is pivotal to our company’s continued success and expansion so it’s really exciting to play a part in helping put Wellington in front of tech talent in Australia.”

Featured image: Wellington, NZ. Source: teleprt.com.