Sydney’s Hooch Creative partners with Tank Stream Labs to help startups with their design and branding

- March 18, 2015 2 MIN READ

From developing and perfecting a product to attracting talent, startups have a lot to think about when they’re first starting out. With money worries constantly on the mind, many founders often leave the crafting of their branding and creative strategies at the bottom of the to do list.

Creative agencies have noticed, and have put their hands up to help. Following Perth branding agency Gurney Branding’s partnership with the Spacecubed coworking space, Sydney agency Hooch Creative has partnered with Tank Stream Labs to help startups with their creative strategy.

The agency will be spending a day consulting with seven startups at the space, conducting a one hour workshop with each founder and team.

Alex Tassone, managing director of Hooch Creative, said the agency approached Tank Stream Labs after noticing a trend among its startup clients, with many needing help with branding, design, and improving the user experience with the product.

“We see many startups focus mostly on their founding team, technology, and product market fit. This differs from the design and brand aspect, which ultimately are the front facing components and communication tools that customers see prior to the product. More than ever, consumers in the B2B and B2C space are becoming much more aware of brand, design and the user experience, both on and offline, and that’s where we come in,” Tassone said.

“Our aim is to make the founder leave the room rejuvenated and educated around their next steps and improvements with their business. Which ultimately will lead to a greater brand awareness/cult following, increased conversions, and consumer acceptance.”

Despite the importance of design and branding, Tassone said startups are wary of putting a slice of their budget aside for these aspects of the business.

“We’ve seen it over and over again: startups have created their design assets and you can tell it was a poor execution with a poor budget, and it then has to be redone every 6 months. Or, they spend a little with someone who promises the world but then doesn’t deliver. It is hard to figure out that balance between a fair budget and quality of work and service. So they just give up for a little while, after being burned.”

The agency’s first day at Tank Stream Labs is taking place this week, with both keen to continue the partnership.

“Based on attendee demands, we will continually shape our design days to work out a model that derives major value to all the approaching startups and also Tank Stream Labs,” Tassone said.

Of course, an agency partnering with a coworking space is a good marketing strategy for the agency itself, too. Helping startups when they can’t quite afford you will likely see them approach you later when they can.

“We hope to create a foundation in the startup world around the education and value of design principles, while at the same time display how Tank Stream Labs and Hooch Creative are leaders in their field who can and will work with the best startups in the country, now and in the future,” Tassone said.