Perth’s Spacecubed partners with Gurney Branding to help startups get their message right

- March 11, 2015 2 MIN READ

A lot of startups have interesting products and ideas that could end up changing the way we do something forever. Sometimes, though, startups find it difficult to get their vision across to consumers and, as a result, don’t grow as fast or go as far as they should.

Getting the vision across to consumers is all part of a startup’s branding, which includes design, defining the message and the right audience to target, social media, building relationships with the right industry stakeholders, investors, PR agencies and journalists, and more.

Getting all of this right from the start is key to growth, not only in order to attract customers, but to attract employees and investors and grow the startup internally as well. However, it can be hard for startups who have so far been focused on perfecting a product or platform to get it right, particularly when many believe that branding and brand positioning is far more relevant to larger companies with an established profile rather than startups.

Perth coworking space Spacecubed has partnered with Gurney Branding, a local brand agency, to create the Startup Brand School, a monthly class hoping to help startups get their branding right.

“We love working with startups and have always wanted to provide a service for the members of Perth’s startup scene who couldn’t yet invest in our services or didn’t quite understand how branding would help them survive and grow,” said Brad Gurney, founder and creative director of Gurney.

“Our hope for the Startup Brand School is to educate startups so their survival rate will be higher and give Perth even more to be proud of on the international business scene.”

The classes, which will be held at Spacecubed, will consist of a theory sessions, where startups will learn about an element of branding, and a one hour session where startups will be helped with and receive feedback on their own brands by Gurney staff.

With statistics showing that 80 percent of startups fail within their first five years of operation, Gurney hopes that an initiative like the Startup Brand School will be able to help a few more stick around.

The first workshop will be held on April 14. Startups can register for a session here.