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This entrepreneur built an entire school with $1600

- March 18, 2015 2 MIN READ

The Australasian College Broadway (the College) was established by Maureen Houssein-Mustafa in 1994.  A wholly Australian owned company, it is now recognised as the benchmark College in Australia offering Nails, Beauty, Makeup, Hairdressing, and Business Management qualifications all under one roof.  The College has since begun extending its offerings to include Aged Care, English and a number of other qualifications, each with a pathway to Higher Education.

Maureen commenced the College with a $1,600 outlay, and the school had only 6 students when it first opened its doors.  Nearly 20 years on and the College has now been independently valued at $30 million.  It has the capacity to accommodate 1500 domestic and international students, taking courses across different skill areas yearly. The recent expansion of the premises which spans over 8,500 sq metres, makes it the largest private hair and beauty college in Australia.

Built on Maureen’s philosophy of industry excellence, the College was the first Private RTO to be awarded the prestigious Training Provider of the Year in 2000 by the NSW Department of Education and Training.  For two years running the College won the “Battle of the Colleges” as judged by the International Hairstylists Society.

With 98+ multicultural educators and staff, who among them speak 28 different languages, Maureen has selected the very best team of professionals and Industry achievers.  Many of the staff have worked internationally which allows them to provide students with innovative and extensive training backed by their years of Industry experience. The College prides itself on the accommodating work conditions offered to staff such as working remotely, flexible work hours, being able to bring children to work during school holidays, and offering equal opportunity to staff of all backgrounds and ages (which range from 18 to 75 years of age).

There is an interesting trend when it comes to the rise of private colleges in Australia and the flexibility and structure of the staff in these businesses. Many have started to systemise all of their enrolment and administrative needs turning to platforms like oDesk.com to create infrastructure that allows them to scale from a handful to hundreds of students in a very short amount of time.

oDesk.com allows these education entrepreneurs to tap into both local and international resources, helping them to manage everything from student files and payments to marketing and social media for their colleges.

It is worth noting that private colleges like The Entourage, The Fashion Institute and BSchool are all highly scalable with technology being used to reach students outside of the businesses immediate locality.

In fact nowadays with the right RTO partner and online workforce entrepreneurs don’t even need to have physical classroom space in order to become educational juggernauts. Partnering with the right team of online workers and combining that with a clear vision on what you are teaching students can all be completed with an initial outlay of just a few thousand dollars on sites like oDesk.com.

This sponsored post was written by Mathew Beeche | Image Source: EagleWavesRadio