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Campaign Monitor develops automation tool to help send personalised email

- March 12, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Email marketing software provider Campaign Monitor has today announced a new email automation tool to help businesses personalise their interactions with customers.

The automation tool, which will allow users to send personalised emails triggered by events such as a new subscriber joining a list, a specific date or anniversary, or blog updates, has been fully integrated into the Campaign Monitor suite at no additional charge.

“Businesses need email marketing that’s built for business, but only a single digit percentage of them can bankroll enterprise marketing automation. Campaign Monitor has evolved to uniquely serve any company and we built email automation to be sophisticated, not complex,” said Kraig Swensrud, CMO of Campaign Monitor.

The startup, based in Sydney beachside suburb Cronulla, has 800,000 users around the world who are sending 1.3 billion emails a month.

While major competitor Mailchimp boasts 5 million customers globally, Campaign Monitor’s focus on perfecting its product before seeking large investment dollars has seen it overtake Mailchimp in other critical areas – for example, the average number of emails sent per Campaign Monitor customer is over 1600, more than 400 ahead of Mailchimp’s average.

Campaign Monitor’s 120,000 paying customers include global companies like Apple, Buzzfeed, and Kogan.

Goran Stefkovski, CTO of Kogan.com, said that email is one of the most effective ways for the company to communicate with its customers.

“Every customer engagement is an opportunity to create a positive brand relationship,” Stefkovski said.

The development of the automation tool follows Campaign Monitor securing US$250 million in investment early last year, and its acquisition of startup GetFeedback, which allowed Campaign Monitor to establish a permanent office in San Francisco.