TechinAsia’s new venture TechList will be part of the Winter 2015 YCombinator program

- February 4, 2015 2 MIN READ

Techlist, an online database launched by startup news publication Tech in Asia to help investors track startups across Asia, has been selected to take part in the upcoming Y Combinator winter program.

The startup lets investors search for and track over 1000 companies across Asia, with the company stating that it’s adding 100 active companies a week. The service allows users to request introductions to startups and analyse funding trends across Asia.

Paying members have access to a startup founder’s past work experience, educational background, social footprint, videos, and a Q & A feature, and startup’s employee growth over time, web traffic and social media growth over time, and complete funding history.

Billing itself as the first platform for founders and investors in Asia, Techlist stated that it will have a particular focus on Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines – and also looks at the bigger markets in India, Japan, and China.

The startup is just one of several startup-tracking databases available to investors, with Angellist and Mattermark among the big names offering similar services: searching for startups, comparing company metrics, and tracking portfolios.

The biggest point of difference, of course, is Techlist’s complete focus on Asia, which could prove a very useful tool for investors both locally and others invested in the region, which is growing steadily – South East Asia alone has a population of almost 620 million, with over 190 million internet users. China, meanwhile, boasts almost 560 million mobile internet users.

Techlist will also make a dent because it comes from Tech in Asia, which has been working conscientiously to position itself as an authority on startups in the region. The company describes itself as a media, event, and startup platform company. Its web publication (run in English and in Indonesian) covers all things tech and startups across Asia and has developed a strong readership, boasting over 130,000 readers tuned in on Facebook and another 64,000 on Twitter. It also runs a news site dedicated to gaming in Asia.

In addition to the news sites, Tech in Asia also organises various conferences and events across Asia, such as the two day Startup Asia conference and last January’s Indonesian meet up in Bali. Techlist is the latest development for the company, which has a large team spread around the continent.

The reputation Tech in Asia has developed over the years has already led to investors coming on board with Techlist: the company has stated that over 100 investors have signed up to the database over the last three weeks, with paying clients into SoftBank Capital, DeNA, and Incubate Fund.

The startup will be moving to Silicon Valley for three months to work with the Y Combinator team, and will receive $120,000 in funding as part of the program.