Australian startup ZipTel announces partnership with satellite communications provider SpeedCast

- February 17, 2015 2 MIN READ

Australian telecommunications company ZipTel this morning announced that it has secured an enterprise agreement with global satellite communications provider SpeedCast for an exclusive white label application.

According to a statement submitted to the ASX, the partnership will see SpeedCast white label ZipTel’s ZipT application and platform. The service will be rebranded to fit into SpeedCast’s suite of voice products and services.

ZipTel stated that the ZipT product, a mobile based VOIP communication application allowing users to SMS and make international calls from their mobile, will target over a thousand of SpeedCast’s enterprise customers around the world, and has the potential to scale across a number of satellite service providers globally.

Bert Mondello, co-founder and CEO of ZipTel, said that securing the company’s first enterprise agreement with a leading satellite communications service provider opens up further opportunities to expand into the global market.

“This agreement substantially enhances the global distribution of the ZipT product and will bring a significant and steady revenue stream for ZipTel. Furthermore, it provides third party endorsement and validation of our product for the consumer and enterprise market,” Mondello said.

Andrew Burdall, VP of strategic business development at SpeedCast, said the ZipT will be a valuable addition to the company’s suite of products.

“We are pleased to partner with an innovative company like ZipTel, and to be able to offer our customers a superior product and platform, which enables the ability to communicate with anyone, globally, at reduced costs,” he said.

The ZipT product differs from other internet-based telecommunications services like Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp because it works in low bandwidth environments – ZipCast claims the service functions with speeds as low as 8kbps. The company also states that ZipT uses up to 80 per cent less data than other mobile-based calling apps currently in the market.

The low bandwidth is key for SpeedCast, some of whose clients across industries including mining, oil and gas, and maritime are often located in low bandwidth areas. SpeedCast stated that it has tested and validated the ZipT in a number of field locations around the world, at a static rate of 10kbps.

Today’s announcement comes after ZipTel raised $5 million last November to accelerate the acquisition and marketing activities for the ZipT.

The ZipT is currently in beta, with a public release expected for the first half of 2015.