Sydney startup Bulk Resize Photos has been given an early push thanks to Reddit

- January 13, 2015 3 MIN READ

Entrepreneur and coder James Foster works out of Fishburners in Sydney. Just before the Christmas break, he decided to start working on a little side project called Bulk Resize Photos, and based on the early traction and feedback, it looks like it is going to end up consuming much of his time this year.

The idea came to Foster after he and a group of friends returned home from a holiday in Hong Kong and Thailand. One member of the group had the better quality camera of the group and ended up taking most of the photos. In total there ended up being around 1000 images, or 6 gigabytes worth of photos. The others in the group were able to share their photos quite easily, however for the person with the bulk of the images, the only way to share them with everyone was via a file storage site like Dropbox.

Even though that seems ok, there was still the fact that a) 6 gigabytes of images needed to be uploaded which takes a long time with Australian internet speeds and b) the same amount needed to be downloaded by the rest of the group, under the same internet speeds.

What Foster has done with Bulk Resize Photo is eliminate the need for any uploading whatsoever, having created a web based platform that is simple to navigate and easy to use. The application can resize as many photos as you can throw at it, all at the one time in a matter of seconds.

From a ‘process’ perspective, it basically works like this: users drag and drop as many photos as they like into the ‘select photos’ box on the application. Then they select how they would like to resize the photos via two options – by scaling the photo or indicating the length of the longest side of the photo in pixels. After that users click the start button and within seconds a zip file appears on their device which they can then attach and send to whoever they need to.

Personally, having given the product a test-drive, I have to say I was pretty impressed with the speed and simplicity of the product and the very noticeable absence of having to upload any files.

From a UI perspective, the platform is perhaps not the prettiest. In fact the product technically has not officially launched yet, with Foster telling Startup Daily that he wasn’t ready to go live publicly yet, however an early user changed that when the site was published to Reddit. Originally he was using Twitter to contact people that were making comments around ‘resizing images’ and from there, things started to steadily snowball.

“There are a bunch of things that I want to add to the application,” said Foster. “I want to get it working better on mobile devices, as right now it doesn’t work so well on iOS [devices]. Also, right now you can’t drag and drop folders of photos, you have to highlight all the files, so resolving that will be something we do quite soon.”

At the moment, Foster intends to bootstrap his new venture, though says he would be open to raising funds if it seems appropriate to do so later down the track. Bulk Resize Photos will become the main focus for Foster this year based on the current traction and engagement from users in these first few early weeks.

When it comes to monetisation, Foster told Startup Daily that he is not concentrating on that now, as he will be putting most of his efforts into building the product out a little further and making the changes / enhancements that users are asking for. He does note however that he has some ideas about how revenue could be made from the business while still keeping the core product free.

“You can definitely make money from [Bulk Resize Photos] – there are a bunch of options. I would always keep the service free, but could refer people to other products and make money that way, or even build out a more comprehensive online photo application and make money through that,” said Foster.