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Startups raised $100 million through AngelList last year

- January 9, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

AngelList, the social network of sorts for startups, has announced that startups raised over $100 million from investors met through the site in 2014.

In figures released this week, AngelList reported that the $104 million was raised by 243 startups from almost 2700 investors. Some of the startups that scored big include car buying and selling site Beepi, which raised $2.8 million, and MD Insider, with $1.5 million raised.

According to AngelList, 110 syndicates are active on the site. 405 investors with the syndicate FG Angels invested almost $11 million in 40 startups in 2014, including CodeMentor, Strut, and MatterMark, while a syndicate led by ex-vice president of eBay Gil Penchina invested $8.7 million in 19 startups.

These numbers highlight the importance of connecting and networking for startups. Angel List, which allows startups and investors to find each other according to markets or locations, is a handy tool, particularly for local startups. It’s the perfect way for Aussie companies to find the US investors without having to buy a plane ticket to Silicon Valley.

The site is also handy for recruiters and job seekers: AngelList reports that 116 000 candidates and 8000 companies had over 200 000 matches through the site last year.