Documentary to air on Foxtel this week centred around the startups at muru-D

- January 15, 2015 2 MIN READ

A new one-off special documentary to air on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel this Saturday night at 9.30pm.

The documentary will focus on the first class of the muru-D accelerator that graduated last year. The startups that will be featured in the documentary include:

Chatty Kidz

An application that combines real-time engagement with educational content. Parents build a safe, trusted network that engages the child with video chat & together share educational content in real-time – sharing the workload and improving the academic results.


This AgriTech business is a revolutionary new monitoring system for farms, remote infrastructure, and the environment that will provide significant cost savings and risk minimisation.

Lime Rocket

Lime Rocket enables ‘crowd games’ for live audiences by connecting players’ smartphones to digital screens. Basically, they turn smartphones into brandable & social ‘remote controls’ so that users can play social games and interact with smart TVs, digital signage, and projections in social venues. Their mission is to create new social experiences through smartphones.

Momentum Cloud

The vision of Momentum Cloud is to improve education for every child. They provide a cloud-based solution to help schools gather and manage data associated with a child’s learning. With adaptive privacy and user permissions, the secure platform ensures that a child’s complete profile travels seamlessly from year to year and from teacher to teacher. Using analysis tools, teachers can personalise learning for better educational outcomes for children. Students are engaged. Teachers are empowered. Parents are informed.


OpenLearning wants to revolutionise education by putting the power back into the hands of students. OpenLearning is a social and collaborative online learning platform. Their mantra is that learning can and should be enjoyable, ongoing, and above all, effective.


Pixc provides a high volume image editing service that makes product images awesome so online stores can increase their sales. Their mission is to turn product images into ‘awesome ones’ for individuals and businesses selling online,​ so ​they​ can increase their online sales.


Safesite is a mobile application that records and communicates critical safety information across an entire construction site, allowing supervisors to save time and money and improve safety culture, resulting in fewer injuries.


Vistr is an online software that informs business owners of their forecast daily cash flow for the next 3 months. With algorithms that automatically forecast revenue, costs, and even GST/Superannuation payments, business owners can see when their business needs cash ahead of time, and take actions today to improve their business’ future.

Zed Technologies

Zed Technologies has developed My Film Bag, which is a digital platform that allows patients to view, share, and store their X-rays and scans with anyone, anytime.

Watch the trailer below.