Pete Evans teams up with Bluechilli to launch The Paleo Way

- December 18, 2014 3 MIN READ

Pete Evans is one of the most recognised chefs in Australia. Founder of critically acclaimed restaurants such as The Pantry, Hugo’s in Manly and his more recent Melbourne tapas bar called Bar Nacional. He also appears on many mainstream television programs like popular Channel 7 show, My Kitchen Rules and he has so far written seven best selling cookbooks. To say he has a few significant accomplishments would be a gross understatement.

Over the last couple of years, Evans has been making a name for himself for living off and actively promoting a Paleo Lifestyle. On one hand this may have polarised his audience a little, with the celebrity chef being on the receiving end of consistent backlash from some peers, nutritionists and select media organisations. But on the other, this same polarisation has allowed him to build a strong tribe of engaged and loyal followers, that have a deep trust in him and what he puts his name to.

This engagement has enabled Evans to extend his reach beyond cooking shows and restaurants and now he has teamed up with startup incubator Bluechilli to help launch his latest brand extension, The Paleo Way. This is a technology based brand extension of his recently finished television cooking and documentary series of the same name. It is described by Evans as a “vibrant health, weight management and fitness program, tailored to a Paleo lifestyle”.


The program which costs $99.00 to join for a 10 weeks, claims to teach users the secrets to living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Along with nutritionist Nora Gedgaudas and personal trainer Luke Hines the program will give users a complete guide and instruction on how to live a paleo lifestyle and by looking at food and nutrition, exercise and the science behind the paleo way. There will also be a lot of original content including expert interviews and guest contributors.

The other part of the online portal will be a social network called ‘The Tribe’ – which will be a forum of sorts, allowing a space for members to connect and discuss all things paleo and the program.

The move by Evans into providing an online program, is actually not too dissimilar to what Michelle Bridges has been able to do off the back of her Biggest Loser television fame. Her online program 12 Week Body Transformation. This program has been a national hit and is estimated to generate the trainer millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Given Bridges ongoing success, which has exactly the same ‘one price for x weeks’ business model as The Paleo Way does, there is no reason that Evans feasibly couldn’t experience the same traction and results. In fact, I believe that Evans, in fact has an advantage over Bridges program in terms of revenue potential for himself due to his own line of food products that he co-owns and endorses.

For example, Evans is a massive advocate of coconut water, it would be logical then to expect that this ingredient would feature prominently throughout The Paleo Way program. He also happens to co-own a coconut water company called Natural Raw C, with fellow entrepreneur Scott Mendelsohn. Although the brand already has significant traction in the Australian market – a program that drums into a user the importance of a certain ingredient as part of a lifestyle causes the purchase of that product to become habitual – meaning consistent cash flow even if the user chooses not to do another round of the The Paleo Way program.

Pete Evans’ ‘The Paleo Way’ officially launches its first program on January 18th next year.