SitePoint just made it pretty damn easy for startups to advertise on its platform

- November 19, 2014 2 MIN READ

This week Australian company SitePoint, one of the world’s top resources for web developers, and one of the top ranked websites in the world, just made it a hell of a lot more accessible for startups to have the opportunity to advertise on its platform.

Founded by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz in 1999, SitePoint started during a time when traditional publishers did not particularly care or understand how to make money online, yet it was a time when the internet was beginning to become more and more popular – people using it were hungry for guidance and information and SitePoint became the flagship destination that users visited to learn about building websites.

SitePoint like other media plays, have advertising and content sponsorships as a major source of its income. With over 5 million designers and web developers using the site monthly, advertisers get to speak to a very large and very targeted audience. Companies such as Adobe, New Relic and Microsoft are long term advertising partners with the site. This level of sponsorship will still remain, but the latest move by SitePoint specifically targets and makes it easier for smaller operations and in particular technology startups to get their message out to SitePoint’s large audience.

In a statement this week, the company said it recognises that startups are limited with the funds the have for marketing, so the new SitePoint dashboard allows these companies to try out SitePoint giving them affordable exposure to an audience they otherwise would find difficult to access at a reasonable rate. The company said that it understands that, in particular web entrepreneurs and advertisers are constantly looking for effective ways to get their brand messages out to the market. With the new self-service portal on SitePoint, clients now have the power to manage how quickly that message is distributed.

“Our self-service dashboard provides a complementary tool for advertisers to use in addition to managed options we offer for customer campaigns,” said SitePoint’s Vice President of Sales, Natalie Tarpinian.

“We want our existing partners to be aware of this additional service in order to give them options that minimise cost and most importantly, cut down on the time it takes to bring their ad to the forefront of our audience.”

The user experience around setting up a campaign is quick and seamless, it literally takes place in three steps.

1. Select Placements: Clients will have options on Geo-targeting, timing: ongoing which renews every 30 days versus the alternative of running campaign on specific dates; placement of display with zero confusion on pricing based on the targeting

2. Upload Creative: Place your logo, artwork, whatever design you have to represent your branding

3. Payment & Confirmation: Submit payment details and info; once approved your campaign will appear as scheduled

Startups can check out the SitePoint self-service portal here.