Canva’s new layout design marketplace allows pro designers to contribute and get paid

- November 19, 2014 2 MIN READ

Graphic design is merely a speck in the vast universe of career opportunities. But creative services as a whole play a critical role in the mainstream Australian economy. Data from the 2011 consensus indicates that more than half a million Australians work in the creative sector, making it one of the fastest-growing segments of the national economy. In fact, creative employment has grown from making up 5.1 percent of the workforce (463,500) to 5.3 percent in 2011 (531,000) – an increase of 70,000 jobs within a five-year period.

Stuart Cunningham, Director at QUT’s ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, believes this confirms that “the creative sector is rapidly emerging as an economic force to be reckoned with.”

Online marketplaces like DesignCrowd and 99designs are contributing to the prosperity of the creative industry, giving professional designers greater access to jobs.

Now Canva, one of the fastest growing startups in Australia, is doing the same. 

At last weekend’s Manila Canva Creatives conference, the startup announced the launch of its layout design marketplace that now allows professional designers to contribute images and layouts, license their designs and earn royalties every time their designs are purchased on Canva.  

Given the startup has surpassed its goal of 1 million users, ahead of its Christmas deadline, with users creating more than 437,000 designs every week, this is a great opportunity for designers to upload their own photos, vectors and illustrations and offer them for sale in Canva’s library.

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The new layout design marketplace can be used by pro designers to create layouts for more than 20 web and print design types, including social media posts, presentations, posters, business cards, and invitations, with more design types are being added every week.

“Traditionally designers have only been able to sell their stock layouts to other people who have access to the professional design tools … they can now design layouts for everyone to use,” said Melanie Perkins, Co-Founder and CEO of Canva.

This is also a smart move on behalf of Canva; they can leverage the creative skills of designers around the world and give users a greater choice of layouts for their DIY designs.

Contributor accounts will be rolled out to a limited group of designers from today. Professional designers interested in contributing can apply via canva.com/designers.