Canva launches The Design School; sets up pilot partnerships with Skillshare, General Assembly and Open Learning

- November 7, 2014 2 MIN READ

Last night, design software startup Canva, launched its first ‘support’ product for the platform, announcing The Design School. The company is describing Design School as a ‘new platform, workshop series and teacher resource hub designed to increase the world’s visual literacy’.

Since its launch, Canva has started being taught in multiple schools and universities around the globe, in addition to that, people have even started launching their own ‘coaching and education’ style ventures off the back of the startup – in a similar fashion to how others have built businesses around the use of Adobe and Google Advertising to give just two very quick examples.

Canva has launched the new arm of its business with a course named ‘Design Essentials’, which is a 30-part series that will be free for users and full of interactive tutorials that focus on nine core areas within the design process: Fonts, Colour, Images, Backgrounds, Shapes and Icons, Layouts, Branding, Advanced Tips and putting all those elements into action.

Design School by Canva

Design School by Canva

In a blog post last night, Canva stated that they would be partnering with a number of companies in a series of ‘pilot partnerships’ for the initiative. Those companies are Skillshare, a learning site for creators and makers, General Assembly, a design, technology and business school for the new generation and OpenLearning, a community driven education company.

In addition to these partners, whom we assume will play a pivotal role in distribution for the product, Canva is also working with two leading educators to help the company shape lesson plans and workshop materials for the classroom – that educators teaching the Canva product will be able to use in their lectures / lessons.

These two educators are Richard Byrne from FreeTech4Teachers.com and Vicki Davis from CoolCatTeacher.comboth of whom attract a large niche audience of educators to their publications.

In a statement on the Canva blog, Byrne and Davis they referred to Canva as not just a visually appealing and simple tech product to use, but also a product that inspires.

“Graphics are an essential part of today’s communication and influence,” said Vicki Davis. “It isn’t just about making it look pretty, although graphics make text more readable, effective graphics help us better articulate ideas and inspire action.”

Richard Byrne said, “Creating with Canva isn’t just about making great visuals, it’s about inspiring ideas too.”

The launch of Design School comes just over a week since the company celebrated reaching the 1 million user mark, a feat which took it just over a year to do since launching in 2013. To add some more perspective on that growth rate, in January of this year Canva was celebrating hitting 150,000 users.

Design School is live now and accessible globally.