The 2014 Young and Influential List

- November 6, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Each November, Startup Daily publishes its list of Young Influencers. We have been doing this since we were a paper magazine in 2011 and have grown and changed the way we have constructed this list ever since.

This year, we have moved to a more curated format, meaning that there were no opportunities for entries, no public relations firms lobbying for clients and no voting from readers. We decided to sit down and really look at who has serious clout in the industry they are working within and for 2014, whittle this down to a group of 40 under 40 inspiring young adults.

We failed to keep the list to just 40 people – we went a little bit over. We also simplified categories and put industries that had some relation to each other together. Next year, as our publication continues to grow and the resources we have at our disposals grow, we intend to increase the categories and move towards a format of having 100 individuals recognised, combined with some cool custom photo shoots, and a better user interface and experience for readers.

Congratulations to all those inspiring people that made this years list. It certainly was the most frustrating task putting it together in the Shoe String Media HQ.

Click the image below to be taken to the full list – Enjoy the 2014 Young and Influential List.