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Twitter Ads now available to small sized businesses in Australia

- October 15, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Twitter Australia has announced today that Twitter Ads are now available to small and medium sized businesses in Australia. Over the past year, Twitter’s self-service advertising became available in over 20 countries around the world, allowing SMBs to leverage the company’s creative, measurement and targeting tools to achieve a range of business goals – from building brand awareness to driving direct response actions such as leads, sales, videos views and website traffic.

Features of Twitter’s self-service ad products include objective-based campaigns and real-time tracking and analytics. With the former, SMBs are only required to pay for actions that align with their marketing objectives, ensuring that their campaigns drive the highest possible ROI, according to a recent Twitter blog post.

SMBs can also use the Tweet Activity Dashboard to track and optimise the performance of their organic tweets, based on a 28-day overview of their Twitter activity which reveals which tweets followers and other users are viewing or engaging with.

A recent internal study of Australian Twitter users showed that 70 percent of survey respondents feel better about an SMB after following them on Twitter and reading their tweets. The study also showed that after discovering an small business on Twitter, consumers are more likely to take actions that impact the business, with 62 percent having purchased something from an SMB because of Twitter.

Twitter also analysed almost 200,000 Promoted Tweets from advertisers around the globe, and uncovered five key ways for businesses for generate positives results from Twitter Ad campaigns: 1) keep it short; 2) give clicks context; 3) make it visual; 4) optimise for leads; and 5) start a conversation. Twitter discusses these five points in greater detail in the #TweetSmarter ebook that was released last month.