Sydney startups Crowdsurfa and Coder Factory form strategic partnership

- October 24, 2014 2 MIN READ

After a serendipitous meeting on Twitter, two Sydney-based startups Crowdsurfa and Coder Factory were able to recognise synergies and form a strategic partnership. Together, the companies want to equip founders with the tools necessary to grow their skilled teams and essentially ‘bridge the gap’ between technical co-founders and non-technical co-founders.

On Crowdsurfa, entrepreneurs list their ventures and specify the top skills their potential co-founders need to have, and how much equity they’re entitled to. Once the venture is listed, potential co-founders are able to apply for the job by sending a resume through. 

Dan SIepen

Dan SIepen

Coder Factory, on the other hand, was launched last year, offering a hybrid education module that delivers technical education via online and in-class sessions. Relevant to this partnership is the other side of Coder Factory’s business model. The company also acts as a development agency, building technology for non-technical founders who want to bring their products to market.

On the new partnership, Dan Siepen, Co-Founder of Coder Factory said, “I’ve always wanted a platform that would not only connect entrepreneurs, but also highlight what a particular startup needs from a skilled co-founder. Whether it be a software developer, general manager or a growth hacker to add to the firepower that a startup needs to grow,”.

“With a system that strongly focuses on skills and equity, it can play a stronger role in alternatively funding a startup.”

Aknian told Startup Daily that it wasn’t long after meeting Siepen on Twitter that he realised how aligned their visions were: “I knew there was a strong link in the vision of our businesses and partnering up would only strengthen this.”

Vache Aknian

Vache Aknian

“At Crowdsurfa we have startups and entrepreneurs searching for tech co-founders and Coder Factory is growing a new culture of tech co-founders as they teach a community how to code. It only made sense that we formed this partnership as ultimately our visions align,” he adds.

As a result of this partnership, Crowdsurfa will be able to connect entrepreneurs with Coder Factory techies; and similarly, the Coder Factory community has a platform to either search for a non-tech co-founder or co-found the next big thing.

“Another exciting part of the partnership will be coming in 2015. As part of our mutual enthusiasm to encourage and inspire young entrepreneurs, we’ll be organising some meet-up events which won’t be your “average” meet-up,” Aknian says, without revealing too much.

Featured image: CoderFactory.com