Stylerunner celebrates its second birthday, continues to grow rapidly

- October 17, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Sydney-based startup Stylerunner has taken the ecommerce space by storm by carving out a niche in the high-end and highly fashionable market of sportswear – a growing industry worth billions. The company launched at a time when sports fashion was beginning to become a popular industry globally, with brands such as Nike and Lorna Jane creating highly functional designs that were being worn by shoppers as much in the supermarket isle or local coffee shop as gyms and fitness classes.

The company celebrated its second birthday last night, as it looks to head into its third year. Currently, they are a team of 8 full-timers with a view to hire more heads to keep up with the exponential growth over the next 12 months.

Like all good startup stories, Stylerunner started with a computer, internet connection and a kitchen table. The initial set up was a little more than most ecommerce sites, with twins Sali and Julie Stevanja deciding to back their gut instincts from the start paying a premium of approximately $2,000 to secure the domain stylerunner.com. This was a strategic decision that paid off.

Within the business, Julie champions the analytical side of things and Sali takes care of the day to day hustle on the ground. Being twins, they admit they have a harmonic ying yang dynamic that’s proven to be one of the biggest assets for their business.

Startup Daily recently invited co-founder Julie Stevanja to a panel discussion around setting up an ecommerce business:

image: Caroline Groth