STARTUP CAST | The future of Hacking – with Bugcrowd co-founder Casey Ellis

- October 20, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

This morning I sat down with Bugcrowd co-founder and CEO Casey Ellis.

We spoke about a number of things including where the business is heading, the importance of IT education and looked at the future of hacking, and how the education of the next generation on good hacking vs bad hacking is an important issue that Bugcrowd has become actively involved with in the United States.

Bugcrowd launched in 2012 technically but officially launched its services when it got into the Startmate program in 2013. In the back half of 2013 they raised $2 million in seed funding, (It was reported as $1.6 million at the time) and the company currently has 17 employees.

Bugcrowd relocated to San Francisco and the bulk of their customer base are in the US.

featured image: Venturebeat.com