Muru-D announces its second intake for 2014 / 2015

- October 20, 2014 4 MIN READ

With a successful class now under its belt the Telstra backed startup accelerator muru-D is getting ready for another round, this time with 11 promising startups selected for the program.

Powered by Telstra, muru-D provides $40,000 seed capital investment in return for six per cent equity in the business. The accelerator is a unique opportunity for start-ups to access six months of business support, a collaborative workspace, mentoring and coaching to help them grow, develop and expand.

Ann Parker, muru-D Co-founder, said, “Yet again, we’ve been able to uncover world class entrepreneurial talent and are delighted with the quality of applicants coming into the academy. We’ve seen just how significant this experience has been for our first round graduates and we can’t wait to get class #2 underway.

Out of the 11 teams, two startups applied for the last intake and were rejected – taking on the feedback received at that point in time, the founders returned for a second crack and were successful. Diversity is also a promising theme in this intake including three female CEOs, two female CTOs and more than eight nationalities represented with founders from Iran, China, Argentina, Brazil, Zimbabwe, the US & UK and of course Australia.

The one aspect that muru-D was known for during intake one was the variety in of industries the startups covered. This new class is no different with businesses from the sport, education, travel, hospitality, sustainability and technology sectors.

Let’s meet the muru-D class two startups:

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A platform that allows athletes to be sponsored by their fans. Through crowd funding, users can secure any funds for their sporting careers. According to the website, Fanfuel is the brainchild of Daniel Paranetto, an aspiring race driver who lived through the pains of seeking sponsorship. During his career, Dan saw the best talent in the sport struggling to progress due to financial pressures and lack of sponsors, while people with the right contacts and big pockets moved up the ranks.


FreightExchange (site not live yet)

FreightExchange is a digital marketplace where long distance transport operators can sell unused capacity to businesses that need to ship goods. It provides an holistic view of available capacity via simple online and mobile interfaces, and is capable of integrating with existing IT systems to provide instant freight transport quotes and bookings.

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Wattblock is an independent website which is designed to assist other unit blocks and strata schemes reduce their energy consumption. Wattblock uses details about your “block” [read city block etc] to make calculations about your common area energy consumption. Some basic information and your block’s last energy bill or financial statement is all you need to create your profile.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.05.13 pm


Disrupt Surfing

Disrupt Surfing helps users custom make their own surfboards. Using technology to Disrupt. Customers tell the startup all the dimensions & Disrupt Surfing uses 3D printing design technology to make a digital set up of their board and then shape, glass and spray it by precision computer.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.09.43 pm


You Chews

At You Chews, the vision is to create a world where inspiring, delicious food can be found at every meeting and event. Cofounder Liz Kaelin is a dietitian, and is driven by providing a platform where small, local, bespoke food businesses can share and celebrate their amazing food with the community. Kaelin says You Chews is on a mission to make ordering amazing catering online simple and fun.

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Tripalocal is an online platform that connects travelers with local hosts for authentic local experiences. Travelers can step into the shoes of locals and discover a city from their perspective. Locals have the opportunity to become true entrepreneurs by sharing their passion with travelers and set their own reward.

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Peep Digital

Peep Digital, we have developed an intelligent platform that simplifies the international phonetic system and makes English pronunciation easier and faster to master. It offers a practical, fun and effective way to practise with all the sounds of the English language.

VClass (website not live yet)

The first ever hybrid education platform that combines the power of Internet, VoIP and traditional pen and paper to create an online teaching experience like face to face.

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Instrument Works

Is bringing the Internet of Things and Big Data to the users of scientific and industrial instrumentation so they are not left behind in the 21st century. Starting with pH and temperature sensors it aims to offer its customers a complete range of fully portable and un-wired sensors, all controlled by smartphones and other touch-screen and cloud-connected enabled devices. Instrument Works is developing a whole ecosystem of devices using its simple-to-use DataWorks software app.

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Founders Ben Liau and Desmond Hang



The online service which targets startups and small and medium enterprises gives clients access to the right people by assisting them with their pre-hire evaluation in the web development industry. Founded by Ben Liau and Desmond Hang, the idea was conceived when they both ran their own startups and encountered bad experiences with failed hires. This particular experience showed the duo first hand how hiring the wrong people could lead to delays in pushing the product into the market whilst costing the business time and money.

Soccer Brain (website not live yet)

A startup that makes it easy for anyone to coach a team, providing tailored, interactive training sessions week-by-week for coaches and players.

On the announcement, Charlotte Yarkoni, Executive Director, Telstra Software Group and muru-D Co-founder said, “Nurturing innovation within Australia is critical to ensure we’re continuing to fuel our economy with exciting and disruptive technology companies. If we don’t innovate, we risk becoming irrelevant. It’s a priority for Telstra and we’re starting to see it become a priority for more and more organisations, which is very exciting for everyone involved in the business”.