Discgo Charger is the latest of portable charging devices targeting corporates

- October 15, 2014 2 MIN READ

In a highly-connected digital world we live, one of the biggest inconveniences faced by First World citizens is a dead phone or tablet battery. One might be conducting a business teleconference, and their phone battery dies in the middle of an important conversation. Or they might be on an inter-continental business flight, and their only work device, a tablet, goes flat. Losing touch is not only an inconvenience, but can be damaging to a person or brand’s reputation, depending on when it happens.

There are many startups have attempted to solve this problem. Last year, we got quite excited about Brisbane startup MobileCentral24/7 offering an Australian-first mobile phone accessory vending machine for when you’ve forgotten your charger, earphones or other smartphone accessories at home.

We were also thrilled about Perth startup Hustle offering stylish handbags and wallets with in-built smartphone chargers, however the business is no longer operating.

At Microsoft’s Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv in April this year, StoreDot revealed a prototype super charger that can fully charge a smartphone’s battery in 30 seconds or less.

Although not quite as advanced as StoreDot, which is yet to launch, Discgo Charger is one of the latest innovations in charging devices. It allow users to charge their devices while they move around the office, during a cross-town commute, or even on a long flight.

Offering the same charge rate as a wall powered charger, a Discgo disc can recharge two devices simultaneously and is compatible with all models of smartphones and tablets.

Sean Brandtman, GM of Discgo Charger, sees the corporate space as a perfect fit for the charging technology. In a media release, he says, “In the business world you can’t afford to miss a text, a phone call or an email.”

“We use our phones and tablets 24-hours a day, so battery life can be a huge issue. Discgo Charger is the perfect fit for people who place constant connectivity at a premium.”

Visually, the product looks sleek, somewhat reminiscent of discmans before the iPod put them out of market. But given the number of charging devices there are (just take a quick look through Kogan.com), it’ll be interesting to see whether how effectively Discgo Charger captures the corporate market.