This bloke launched a crowdfunding campaign on Tilt to ban Nickelback in London

- October 7, 2014 2 MIN READ

In what would arguably be one of the best subtle coverage for a startup I have seen this year, the platform Tilt (formerly) CrowdTilt is currently at the centre of one of the most viral stories on the internet.

UK based legend or giant prick (pending on your love for rock) Craig Mandell has launched a crowdfunding campaign to keep the band Nickelback from returning and performing in London. The campaign is cleverly named ‘Don’t let Nickel Back’.

The campaign has been launched on Tilt, a platform which allows users to create their own bespoke crowdfunding campaigns, much like those you see on platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The platform was launched by founders James Beshara and Khaled Hussein in 2012; and thus far over 300,000 groups have used the platform to turn their ideas into reality via funding projects.

Don't let Nickle Back - The funding project launched by Craig Mendall

Don’t let Nickle Back – The funding project launched by Craig Mandell

Mandell is looking to raise $1,000 for his project; and in exchange he will be sending a range of emails to Nickleback’s management to encourage them not to return and perform in London. And just in case you had any questions about the reasons behind the campaign, Mandell has answered them all for you in the project’s description page:


Q. What’s wrong with Nickelback?

A. Go listen to them.

Q. I did listen to them. What’s wrong with Nickelback?

A. Ah, forgive us. You mean what’s wrong with them as in, what could possibly lead them to create such unlistenable music? We don’t know.

Q. Will I get a copy of my the email sent on my behalf when I donate?

A. You bet.

Q.  What makes you think Nickelback will listen to you?

A. Well frankly, their ability to hear at all is clearly in question, so they may not. But we sure can try, Billy. We sure can try.

Q. Who’s Billy?

A. Quit asking questions and donate already. They’re probably planning a gig as we speak!!

Will banning Nickleback become the new ‘Potato Salad’ of crowdfunding? I guess we will know in 27 days. In the meantime I encourage everyone to visit the campaign page and read through the comments section, because just quiety, I was snorting with laughter. It kicks off with the below screenshot and just gets significantly better.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 2.07.47 am

Oh the hilarity!