6 handy Chrome extensions for startups

- October 17, 2014 3 MIN READ


Life on a web browser can be overwhelming, especially when you have about a squillion tabs open. Eventually, you don’t even know which tab is which, so you have to click on each individual tab, the equivalent of rummaging through a clutter of paperwork, to find the one you need.

Last week, we discovered OneTab, a Chrome extension that may just save the day when you’re facing such a dilemma.

Whenever you find yourself with too many open tabs, you just simply click the OneTab icon on the top right corner of your Chrome browser, and it will convert all of your tabs into a list – so what you end up with is one tab that lists all the links you had open, and you can restore the one you need individually, or all at once.

When you have too many open tabs, it also slows down your browser. With OneTab, you can save up to 95 percent of memory, according to its product description on the Chrome web store.

Before OneTab

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.31.31 am

After OneTab

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.31.54 am

Streak for Gmail

Mat Beeche, Founder of Shoe String Media, is a huge fan of Streak, which essentially turns your Gmail into a CRM system. You can group all emails from a customer or deal into colour coded boxes (Lead to Closed, see image below), and overall manage your sales pipeline. You can also create custom templates for repetitive emails that need to be sent, and even schedule emails to be sent at particular times.


Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.53.14 am

Make a New Pipeline

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.53.05 am

Perhaps the most interesting functionality of Streak is that it alerts you as soon as a recipient has opened your email. If you’re awaiting a response to an urgent email you sent, and the recipient denies having received that email, you’ll know they’re lying. The Email Tracking feature will become more sophisticated, according to Streak’s product description on the Chrome Web Store.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.52.48 am

Page Eraser

Sites that rely heavily on advertising revenue may not be thrilled about this Chrome extension. But minimalists who hate advertising clutter or just messy websites may fall in love with Page Eraser. Any section of a website that’s distracting or annoying (like horribly animated ads) can be erased.

You click on the Page Eraser icon on the top right corner of Chrome and hover the eraser over parts of a website that you want to erase. When you hover over those parts, it will be highlighted in red, and once you click the button it will be gone. It’s amazing how beautiful a website can be when it has less crap on it.


You promise to be productive. You have every intention on completing your work tasks. But all of a sudden 3 hours have gone by. And you’ve done many thing over those hours, EXCEPT work. 

To be fair, it’s way too easy to get distracted online when you’re exhausted, overwhelmed by the workload or simply bored. With StayFocusd you can only procrastinate for so long. The Chrome extension aims to increase your productivity by limiting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites – whether it be Gawker or Facebook.

Once your allotted time has been used up, the sites you have ‘blocked’ (marked as a time-waster) will be inaccessible for the rest of the day. StayFocusd is configurable, allowing you to block or allow entire sites, specific subdomains, specific paths, specific pages and even specific in-page content – like videos, images, games, etc.

StayFocusd Tab

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.41.59 am


Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.42.11 am



Dualless has been self-proclaimed as the “poor man’s dual monitor solution”. Although you can manually drag two windows to sit beside each other vertically or horizontally, this Chrome extension lets you do it in two clicks. With Dualless, you can select between six different ratios (3:7, 4:6, 5:5, 6:4, 7:3).

Dualless Tab

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.01.35 am

  Split Screen

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.01.03 am

Dream Afar

Dream Afar is not necessarily useful. It’s just nice. Although some entrepreneurs claim to work at the beach or other scenic locations (because they’re #livingthedream), most are confined to a desk. Founders who dream of travelling the world once they can actually afford it or those who are consumed in the chaos of startup life, might find Dream Afar to be a nice little reminder of how beautiful the world is beyond their startup. Instead of being faced with the usual lack-lustre Chrome homepage, Dream Afar presents photos of a new pretty place everyday. Today, it’s all about New Zealand.

Chrome before Dream Afar

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.16.37 am

After Dream Afar

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.25.30 am