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Tech23 announces finalists for 2014

- September 17, 2014 8 MIN READ

Tech23, a six-year-old Sydney-based technology event known for recognising some of Australia’s most innovative startups, has just announced the top 23 companies that will be presenting at the event in October.

In another exciting year, 23 companies – coming from a variety of spaces including Big Data, healthcare, location services, enterprise applications – will have the opportunity to showcase their technologies in front of innovation luminaries.

Rachel Slattery, Director of SlatteryIT, the company responsible for Tech23, said when the event launched six years ago, it was about creating connections: “It’s great to see this happening even more now, as Tech23 alumni companies and founders, Industry Leaders, sponsors and supporters go out of their way to help the next wave of innovative companies,” “It’s exciting to see how many Alumni have pitched in.”

Finalists will also stand to win a bevy of prizes, donated by former Tech23 companies, including a trip to Boston from bigtincan, mentoring sessions with the likes of Jonathan Barouch, Founder of Local Measure, John Palfreyman, Chairman of IPscape, as well as the founders of BugHerd, Alan Downie and Matt Milosavljevic. Contributing to the prize pool, which will be revealed on the day, is PayPal, REA Group, Citrix, ThoughtWorks, ATP Innovations and SIRCA.

Australian tech leaders Michelle Deaker, Leni Mayo, David Spence and Richard White will be questioning and advising the 23 companies on the day.

Tech23 2014 takes place on Thursday 23 October 2014 in Sydney and will feature five minute presentations from the following companies.

1. AppBot 

“Appbot helps app developers get better app reviews, more sales and best rankings via two products, AppbotX and Appbot. Appbot delivers daily reports on how developers are performing on app reviews, ASO (SEO for the App Store) and chart rankings, all critical information for increasing app sales. AppbotX provides a drop-in communication and help desk solution for mobile developers. Insert the open source native mobile library to an app and get remote configurable FAQs, feedback forms and inline notifications in your app. Customers manage everything from the AppbotX back end without having to resubmit a new app when things change.”

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“The AUUG Motion Synth is a hardware/app combination that transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a motion-based musical instrument. It allows first-time musicians to enjoy an expressive experience of playing music within minutes rather than months of practice time, and provides professional musicians with a deeper level of interaction with their sounds and connection with their audience.”

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3. Bluedot Innovation

“We enable businesses to deliver their services and products to their customer’s precise location, down to several meters, through applications, that do not require any infrastructure and without any significant battery drain. By powering this new generation of location aware apps, we enable businesses to connect with their customers exactly when they need, where they need in an extremely targeted way and increase the effectiveness of their customer engagement.”

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4. Clevertar

“Clevertar is a Flinders University spin-out company that is pioneering the use of relational agents, or ‘clever avatars’ as personal assistants. Research has found that when people interact with an intelligent, talking character, they take notice of the information given, understand it better, and are more likely to respond favourably. ‘Clever avatars’ are therefore behaviour-changing and a potentially revolutionary computer interface. Clevertar’s first product is a virtual personal assistant for older people, to help service providers and families support people to remain independent.”

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5. Clipp

“Clipp is the quick, easy and secure way to open a bar or restaurant tab from your phone. Now you can open a tab without having to leave your credit card or ID behind the bar. Seamless integration to the point-of-sale system gives you complete visibility over your tab. See what you have ordered and spent, updated in real-time. No more waiting to close your tab. You can pay directly from your phone with an easy one step process, secured to ensure the highest level of credit card security.”

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6. Doarama

“Doarama is a 3D visualisation engine for geolocated activities. The service allows users to upload GPS track logs (from a smartphone or sports GPS tracker) of activities they have participated in to doarama.com. These tracks are then visualised on a 3D map directly within a web browser using familiar controls and intuitive navigation. Users can optionally include synchronised video, photos and text labels to enhance the experience. The user is then able to share the customised visualisations with their friends on popular social media networks.”

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7. GeoMoby

“The GeoMoby platform is a geofencing based messaging system that enables developers and businesses to interact and learn from their mobile users. Our cloud-based platform relies upon a plugin being installed into an existing or new mobile application in order to extract anonymous location data. When a GeoMoby powered phone enters a geofence (a virtual boundary around a geographical location), it reports back to the cloud and our rules-engine determines if it’s appropriate to send the mobile user a message or send a request to a server. It can be anything from coupons, automatic payments to tourist information.”

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8. Global and Smart

“Global & Smart is a storytelling platform for ‘the story behind the good.’ Every good has a story to tell. Our platform puts the power of storytelling back in the hands of the world’s most creative people so they can tell the stories behind the goods they make, share them with their followers, and sell their goods directly from the story. Global & Smart makes it easy for Makers and their brands to: import existing content from social accounts and camera roll; drag and drop content into magazine-quality storytelling templates; publish their stories online; and sell their goods.”

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9. GoFar

“Our mission is to cut car costs by making drivers more informed about their choices at the most relevant times. The team is strong – a silver medalist in India’s national Maths Olympiad, a rocket scientist and an MBA who’s built marketing teams on three $100m startups. First, we’ll help drivers cut the 20% that is wasted on fuel through poor driving styles. Next we’re targeting insurance, (where safe drivers currently subsidise poor ones), and servicing (where mechanics currently hold all the cards).”

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10. Intelligent Fleet Logistics

“Uniquely, Intelligent Fleet Logistics Cost to Serve (CTS) suite of products use optimisation technology to maximise profitability and not just reduce costs. Profit maximisation not cost reduction is the optimisation object. Through dynamically analysing the variable distribution costs associated with each customer or task and utilising its flexible constraint handling technology, Intelligent Fleet Logistics can accurately select an optimal customer base to maximise gross profits.

Unlike almost all systems currently available, Intelligent Fleet Logistics is easily tailored to handle the constraints that apply to individual organisations. Eg, rules governing fatigue management, or determining whether goods are best routed direct or via intermediate depots, Intelligent Fleet Logistics can help plan to send the right vehicle, or asset to the right place at the right time. This maximises labour and asset utilisation, while focusing on profit optimisation.”

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11. LEAPIN Digital Keys

“LEAPIN has built a smartphone enabled access control system. The system is sometimes referred to as a smartlock or a digital keys system or smartphone keys or a controlled lock. LEAPIN’s system performs all the same functionalities of typical time-controlled keycard systems (RFID and mag-stripe) but without any supporting on-site network infrastructure. Therefore, it can be delivered for around one-tenth of the price of existing keycard systems. LEAPIN systems can be installed in hospitality (Hotels, Resorts etc.) offices, people’s homes, and public institutions such as Universities. As LEAPIN is a standalone system it can also be installed in environments where keycard systems can’t typically go – such as car rentals, sporting facilities, and lockers/furniture (e.g. where there is no onsite power).”

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12. Maestrano

“Maestrano is a platform specifically designed for Small and Medium Businesses that curates and aggregates the best third-party business applications into a seamless, secure and intuitive user dashboard and provides the platform and the integration that connects them together. Our Connec!™ patented technology integrates all applications together automatically, making data downloads and uploads between Cloud Applications an activity from the past. Data sharing is automated and live, so no matter what applications our customers are looking at, they are always up to date. No more re-keying, discrepancies or mistakes, just more time saved and efficiency gained, all in one click!”

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13. Mika Compliance

“Mika is Australia’s most comprehensive, subscription based, online catalogue of aged care documentation, resources and cloud-based data management software. Mika gives subscribers access to a large inventory of policies, forms and audit tools specific to the aged care industry. Mika software modules allow subscribers to create, modify and manage their organisational information systems online including staff education records, staff performance management records, feedback and incident data. Mika offer subscribers access to comprehensive industry benchmarking, analytics and a Reddit style problem solving forum. Mika software has global growth capacity applicable to any regulated industry including childcare, health care and welfare.”

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14. Oar Inspired

“Oar Inspired provides affordable performance measurement technology for competitive rowers. Our integrated solution caters for athletes from novice school programs through to elite athletes. Through our patented technology we can provide real time feedback to the crew and coach, whilst our planned subscription based web service will provide detailed athlete analysis that will assist coaches in developing training programs and make crew selections. Oar Inspired has a first to market position in a niche but lucrative market that has been starved of innovation. We have significant interest from schools, clubs and sporting institutes both across Australia and internationally.”

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“Founded by serial entrepreneurs Nari Jennings and Alex French, Peepable is a powerful search technology that makes online video as searchable and as shareable as the written word. Peepable gives people the power to search videos from right across the internet and ‘take a peep’ into a selected video at the exact point they are seeking. They can watch and share this ‘peep’ on social media. Peepable announced $500,000 in seed funding in June 2014 and is poised to launch its beta version soon.”

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16. Pop!

“Pop! provides consumers with seamless ways to exchange their information with any third party, helping them keep track of their global data footprint and ultimately keeping their information up to date with the businesses they choose. The mobile app can save, secure and update their data, delivering their information directly into a company’s database. As an enterprise tool businesses can use Pop! to gather and update information on their current/future subscribers and customers, providing a super-efficient method to receive and, more importantly, maintain their customer data.”

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17. RedEye

“RedEye is the first pure cloud based engineering drawing management solution for mining, oil & gas, power and water companies and their service providers. RedEye manages the process of storing, finding, sharing, marking up (making changes to), drafting, approving and managing engineering drawings using the cloud and any internet enabled device. RedEye is growing at 5x annually, has zero client churn and net promoter score of 77%. RedEye has a Tier 1 client base and has opened its first international office in Houston in June 2014. RedEye is seeking series A funding to rapidly scale growth to build a globally relevant SaaS solutions company.”

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18. Robological

“Robological is a start-up company conducting research and development in human-machine interfaces and distributed robotic systems. It strives to enable a broad user base to use robotic technology in their applications, products and processes. Within Robological’s philosophy, hardware, software (apps) and the user interaction with them are not considered isolated domains with individual entities but encompassing spaces. The innovative perspective asks for solutions that are flexible, ubiquitous, multi-purpose and interconnected as for instance realised through our cloud-enabled micro-interface Ro-buddy.”

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19. Skrydata

“Skrydata has unique technology in predictive analytics. Unlike query based tools, which rely on an initial hypothesis, our unique discovery process requires no prior knowledge of the data, the business or how it operates. This enables us to discover hidden relationships within the data, or between data and the business processes which create it, which may be difficult or impossible to find by other methods. Skrydata accepts data from multiple sources, including databases, audit logs and unstructured data to detect patterns and relationships. This unique technology has applications in business intelligence, business and industrial process improvement, data quality, fraud detection, and asset management and predictive maintenance.”

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20. Sound Scouts

“cmee4 Productions harness game play to help improve our health outcomes. Our flagship project Sound Scouts provides an accessible means of detecting hearing loss in school-aged children. Sounds Scouts looks and feels like a game however it incorporates advanced scientific principles that enable it to detect a range of hearing problems. While Sound Scouts is based on science it’s the game play that encourages and enables a valid hearing test result. The demand for accessible hearing checks for children is a global issue and one that cmee4 Productions is now well placed to tackle.”

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21. Statsilk

“StatSilk develops software (desktop, web-based and mobile apps) for creating user-friendly interactive maps and visualisations using your own data. Its clientele spans a broad range of industries and companies of all sizes, from small NGOs to some of the world’s largest companies. It empowers organisations to better communicate and disseminate their data, and empowers users of data by providing them with the tools to better explore and analyse the data according to their needs. Originally launched as a non-profit initiative, StatSilk’s business model now balances commercial aspirations with a philosophy that supports open data and data visualisation for international development.”

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22. Tzukuri

“Tzukuri designs the world’s most beautiful and functional consumer wearable technology. Our first product line is the world’s first unloseable handmade glasses. Inside each pair is the world’s smallest iBeacon (solar powered), and can notify you if you ever leave them behind.”

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23. uSig

“uSig is the quickest, easiest and safest way to access password-protected websites using mobile devices. Users replace passwords with a photo from their mobile device. Two clicks rather than 20+ key strokes of existing passwords. Operates with Apple IOS and Android systems. Previewed recently at international info security conference in USA.”

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