OLAF launches scooters made for business travel

- September 29, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Does riding a scooter around town in a suit and backpack garner you weird looks? Slovenian scooter company OLAF is looking to change this with their recently launched Kickstarter funding campaign to develop a scooter that merges conservative business aesthetics with today’s urban transport needs.

The device’s creator Bostjan Zagar explained that the inconvenience of having to carry too much stuff in conventional luggage lead to to his innovative idea.

The ‘OLAF Business’ variant of the scooter is a 3-in-1 concept that uses a carry-on airline approved suitcase which can transform into a conventional pull trolley or a kick-scooter. There’s also a ‘Urban’ variant of the scooter for the less business-inclined rider, with both models claiming to hold a maximum load of up to 100kg (including rider).

If you’re not keen on trolleying around a suitcase, OLAF has also catered to you with their “open community approach” which allows the rider to attach a wide array of personalised luggage from grocery bags through to specialised camera bags.

Users also have the option of laser engraving their logo, name, or company brand on the bottom side of the aluminium board of the business model or the wooden board of the urban variant. The OLAF Business has a compartment for laptops up to 17-inch and weighs in at 4.3kg with the Urban version weighing 3.5kg.

If the project is successfully funded, the scooters will retail between $US270 – $326 for the urban and business models respectively.