Matt Way and Nick Drewe launch the new version of Churn TV

- September 30, 2014 2 MIN READ

Churn TV is a video sharing platform aims to push the boundaries of seamless online entertainment. The startup is founded by Matt Way and Nick Drewe, who have a degree of tech/pop culture notoriety already from other media plays they have created such as ‘Warmest 100’ and ‘Splendour in the Grams’

As Mike Huynh mentioned in a previous article on the Queensland startup – what makes this particular site different to established players like Youtube and Vimeo is its approach to consuming the content. Users do not need to sign up for an account and are encouraged to “curate” their own video “channels” before sharing it with friends or the rest of the world – kind of like Spotify for streaming video content.

The sites third revision has just been released – taking three months to build. Drewe explained previously to Startup Daily that this re-think was necessary as a lot of online viewers tended to be more fluid in their viewing habits.

The new homepage has a sleek minimalist feel.

The new homepage has a sleek minimalist feel.

Whilst many people out there have questioned the need for another video platform to be put out into the marketplace, for avid consumers of content Churn TV is a no brainer, and is actually in my opinion quite progressive.

As Drewe said to Startup Daily in March.

“Looking at your Facebook feed, almost half of it is video content coming in. That’s kind of a disjointed experience if you wanted to watch a tonne of it in one go,” says co-founder Nick Drewe.

“A lot of blogs out there are starting to post more video content and sharing it but they’re doing it using  a platform like Blogger and WordPress that wasn’t built for sharing videos – it’s like a square peg round hole thing.”

The new design also matches the design and layout of the yet to launch Android TV – a strategic decision – allowing the company to tap into, and pull the content through from services that will become available with this such as Netflix and Hulu.

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